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More needs to be done for single player / casuals. Every patch is 10 pages of balance changes but that doesn’t keep people playing. balance is pretty easy can do it in few hours with a tuning pack. Balance should be small monthly patches with few changes

There’s so much info on youtube and the net why rts is dying but devs don’t listen

Can see with company of heroes 3 as well. Theres not enough done to keep people playing its already round 3000-5000 after accouple week’s,1677280


thats what i said right?

The developers are working on the new civilizations of each year, demanded by casual players, it is the cause of the delay in the patches, improve the landmarks and that you can see the statistics of the building when garrison units, they were from a thread made Many months ago!


yea and what good was it, didn’t seem to increase player base, as with all seasons in all games, u get more players at start of a season and then falls off.

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One major problem with soft launches is that by the time the game is filled with content, there is nobody left to play it. This is arguably exacerbated with games that depend on multiplayer.


this response made sense.

It looks like we have different eyes.

When I check couple of weeks ago I don’t see much higher numbers. And for some reason you show a time window of 7 days which is totally useless and gives no information.

This is the chart over the past 6 months. The exceptional peak of few weeks ago was either due to some holidays/vacation or whatever. (Season 4 update came out on Feb 17th iirc)

If you don’t want to play the game just quit and nobody will feel said. On a side note the players who are supposed to care about player count are those who play multiplayer. It does not makes sense for single players to care about the number of people playing the game.


Balance can’t be measured by the time taken to implement the changes in the code.

But yes, we absolutely need more SP / PvE content.


Indeed + Balance changes are not about playing casually vs an AI

The soft launch is what killed it. The game has obvious potential but it already exposed itself as a flop. They already tried to re-release it as the “anniversary edition” but that boost didn’t last long. Some things have been fixed but other bugs, like towers and keeps misfiring, have been around since release with no fix in sight. They could have just sucked it up for another year or two and released it with all of the content it has now and I would have probably recommended it.


i personally feel it was in their business model all along to just hype and sell, aka that price tag. at this point, business wise it’s really more profitable to simply work on other projects. you only need to do just enough to not make it appear like there’s no complete neglect that would hurt reputation / future confidence. they did announce aom2, which if you were to give some thought… is it really necessary? just how many rts games do you need to make. ive already seen what qm/rm/custom games split have done for matchmaking, and with aom2… well… its really going to add more splits.

and well… its not really ‘wrong’ per se if these were their intentions all along… but i hope parties actually have bigger ambitions than simply $$, especially off a core idea of someone elses.

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checkout CS:2.0
LOL, they just copied game and moved on better engine.

sum up: just do good game, without bugs, with good responsive engine.

I do not believe that AoM2 has been announced but rather “Age of Mythology: Retold” which is generally considered to mean a definitive edition style AoM rerelease.

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