Player Color Editing Tool

I have created a tool to edit the player colors in game.

To use this editor download the release version and extract the files inside “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoEDE\Assets” folder.
Then open the editor and press “Create Colors” button. This will apply the editors default player colors, you can also edit the colors to your liking.


I updated the tool. It now has presets making it easy to swap between colors schemes.

You can create and save you own color presets, and swap between the color schemes while the game is still open (You need to be in the main menu).

The tool has three preset, one of them is the games default colors.


It seems that the tool only change the unit & building colors; so neither the “minimap colors” nor the “lobby colors”.

After I significantly changed (reorder) the colors, I updated the minimap colors using the color palette from the data file ($steam\steamapps\common\AoEDE\Data\empires.dat), which I opened using the genie editor from age of empires 2 ($steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\Tools_Builds\AdvancedGenieEditor3.exe)

However I was not able to change the colors in the lobby (when selecting your own color). Any idea how to update them ?

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Player health bar colors can be changed at (can be edited with notepad):
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoEDE\Data\playercolours.json”

And as you pointed out, the minimap colors can be changed using Advanced Genie Editor.
But the minimap colors can only be changed to one of the 256 predetermined colors.

The player colors in lobbies are stored in SLP files at:
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoEDE\Assets\UI\menus”

With the following file names:

  • colourbuttons52x52.SLP
  • colourbuttons74x43.SLP
  • colourbuttons118x69.slp
  • colourbuttons273x62.SLP
  • colourbuttons356x84.SLP
  • colourbuttons535x63.slp

These SLP files hold PNG images.
Meaning that you have to open these images in a photoshop and edit the colors.

To convert the SLP files into PNG and then back to SLP you need an other tool:


Thanks a lot ! I’ll try it out.

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As a color blind person, i must say your Tool is amazing !!!

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Congratulations! I’ve tried and It work 100%! Althought I wanna ask you, If there is any way to change the minimap colors, and the players score colors that display as well, I would like them to look like old AoE, with the gray on player 7, the dark teal on player 8… I’ve tried everything, search for It and didn’t find a way to do It. My monitor shows the colors too brighty and wash, so I can barely ser whats going on on minimap, considering I have a benq xl2456, and didn’t manage to setup the brightness and contrast to do the job. So If you could help, I will always be in your debt. I aprecciate a lot If someone came up with a solution! Thanks in advance! ;*

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to change colors on the minimap:

as pate623 and i discussed above, the easiest way
is to use the “Advanced Genie Editor Tool”, either in Aoe 2 DE if you own the game, or downloading it from a modding website as the tool was used before the DE.

For the Lobby colors and the scoreboard colors:

you can edit the “color buttons” in “Assets\UI\menus”. You have to convert the SLP files.
You can download the program recommended by pate623 here: Releases · merykitty/meryslp · GitHub
Then you need to:

  • Create a folder “data/decoder-input” in the folder with the 3 programs, and put the color buttons there.
  • Run the Decoder
  • Edit every the images in every generated folder in “data/decoder-output”. This step may take some time as there are a lot of PNG images to edit.
  • Create a folder “data/encoder-input” where you put the edited folders
  • Run the Encoder
  • Move the SLP files from “data/encoder-output” back to “Assets\UI\menus”
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