Player Color not working on SE Asian Ships

Game Version:

  • Build (35209)
  • Platform (Steam)


Player color isn’t working on South East Asian Ship Sails

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Place any ships on map editor
  2. Change the player civilization to Burmese, Khmer or Malay.
  3. Position the ship to face towards west, slightly southward.
  4. There is no/very low player color in certain direction. Can be compared with other sets/ colors.

Please fix this issue. Bumping to catch some attention.

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No fix yet. :frowning:

by the way please add sails to indian architecture set as well

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Have you tried changing your graphics settings? Is the same result when you try to vary the details settings?

Personally, I haven’t had that “issue”, you should try changing the quality details settings or just install a mod called “Rorarimbo Colors” which improves (at least for me) the results of the colors on each unit.

I can confirm this problem. When it happens I sometimes mistake the broken colour ships for the ships of the yellow player. Sun Tzu campaign:

Here’s another screenshot: are the one of the left yellow’s or blue’s ships? It can be confusing at a glance or while your attention is on naval fiights, which shouldn’t be in an RTS

Bump, this problem is still not fixed.(43210)


I was about to report this bug myself, then I found this post
and I was surprised how this almost 1-year-old bug still not been fixed.

It is really an annoying bug, I was scared multiple times since I thought my ship was the enemy. especially when your enemy is in yellow color. (look those Galleons on left side)

I would like to point out that not just the South East Asian, every architecture has this problem, more or less. Unlike the SE Asian ship, at least we can tell their player color.
(Just look at those Africans War Galley and Galleon)

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This issue has not been fixed yet as of November PUP 2021.

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Hi everyone and sorry for the late reply, this is a know issue and is being tracked. Thanks for the reports

The problem is still not corrected. Besides, please add unique sails for the ships of the unique indian architecture set.