Player list notifications - remove numbers option?

Just started with DE and noticed that when I get a player notification (even in campaign) it says for example “You are being attacked by 2 English!” denoting second player.

Any way to disable the number system? Hard as I try I can’t find that option and would like to run the campaigns without them like in previous versions

There is no option to turn it off. I think number of the player ( in your example player 2 - English ) is hardcoded in notifaction.

Ahh well, the only thing so far I may prefer on the previous editions :slight_smile: Thanks for the confirmation.

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No problem. I just dived into the file that contain every sentence from game and this is the line that is getting triggered:
37160 “–Warning: You are being attacked by %s!!!–”

<%s> is name of opponent and there is no “shortcut” for player number so with 100% confirmation, number is hardcoded to nickname.