Player names for ai

I miss the system in the first two Age games where each AI player was named after a historical leader from their civilization. Please bring that back for AOE IV!


I believe, at this point, we can conclude that this game needs all the basic features present in the other titles.


I concur. It is both immersive and useful for differentiating enemies.

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I agree. Especially for things like wonders, it can be very hard to differentiate which wonder timer goes to which enemy, which can be potentially very, very important.


Really should be part of the game. Still surprises me that it isn’t. It’s one of the small details which make a huge difference in my opinion.

They managed to do that two decades ago, shouldn’t be too hard to do it now, now wouldn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes!! It’s immersive and fun!

20 characters …


Yeah the ai needs some personality for sure. I wouldn’t say it’s a priority but I quite enjoyed how the ai would talk to you in Aoe3. Would be quite cool to have some leaders like Fredrick Barbarossa, Edward Longshanks etc taunting you.

I agree. The developers currently set the AI of AOE4 to be the same as the AI in COH, but AOE4 has a strong real historical style, so it is necessary to use real historical characters instead of cold AI names. This is the case for AOE2 and AOE3 I did it, and the effect is very good, I hope AOE4 can do the same.

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Yes, it is excellent.

Many AIs now have the ability to pretend to be human in matchups, and I think AOE4 needs this kind of virtual leader AI to increase immersion.

This is not just a tedious naming act like AOE2. More should create and surpass AOE3 kind of characteristic classic leaders.

When there is a huge loss of AI in a game, it will issue sound complaints with text. This is something AOE3 has already done, and hopefully AOE4 will follow suit in the future.

It tells you who’s in what age on the right side of your screen

Even if they don’t make them say stuff like the AOE 3 AIs do (a feature I love, btw), the fact I can’t differentiate AIs at a glance when there’s multiple of them is a needless hassle.

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It was interesting to discover that there is indeed a function for naming AI personalities from script.

AI_SetPersonality(player ID, name)
“Set the personality name for this player.”

It was really frustrating to find out that this does nothing at all. Maybe they are still considering it?

Of course, for the English they could put AI to William the Conqueror, to the French, Joan of Arc, to the Mongols, Subotai, to the Russians Dimitri Donskoi,Ivan III or Ivan IV (the Terrible), to the Holy Roman Empire, Frederick Barbarossa or Charles V, to the Chinese Wu Zetian, to Delhi Ibrahim Lodi, to the Ottomans Osman I, Bayezid I or Suleiman the Magnificent and to the Mali, Sundiata Keïta or Mansa Musa…

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