Player placement on Real World maps

Anyone notice that, whenever you play on one of the real-world maps in Skirmish mode, all the players are placed too close together on one side of the map? For example, I was trying out the new Indian civs on the India map, and everyone spawned on the western side of the map. Would it be possible to have players spawn in more random locations on each real-world map so that the player placement doesn’t feel so skewed?

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Where did you spawned? Maybe it is bcs you choosed, georaphicaly close located civs in real world so game spawned you accourding to real world.

I was playing the Dravidians, and I spawned in the northwestern corner of the map. I don’t think there is a “True Start Location” thing in AoE2’s Real World maps like in the Civilization games.

Tried this map 4 times today and whoever spawns east is the safest. Tried moderate with one ally vs three others and spawning on the west was trash. My favorite part of the map is Sri Lanka because when all fails just hide there for bit then reattack when possible.