Players cannot choose their own color in normal mode

The default blue will make players feel aesthetic fatigue, and randomly matching colors is not a good idea. Why not choose colors according to players’ preferences like the AOE123? This is almost the most basic function of most RTS games. Please add this color selection function in the next patch.


Choosing the color you like is very important,


I want to show the developers why I think this is important compared to their other series Company of Heroes

You can see here that the team colour is subtle, it is used for the HP bars and squad indicators. Vehicles have a few coloured elements for quick identification. Infantry have no team colour on the units themselves at all. This works for COH as it is smaller scale, has a sqaud based infantry system and only ever has two sides to a conflict. This means that being able to pick your colour in COH is not that important even though it might have been nice.

Now to AOE4

Team colour has a large impact on the visual of every unit here, its not just the HP bar or a selection ring. We are going to be seeing blue armies a lot. Check out how good those Abbassids look in yellow, thats the colour I want to play as! I really hope this can be changed and its not some hard coded nightmare.


I am a starcraft2 player so not being able to choose my color in pvp is normal for me, however people should have more choices, especially if previous games let you do that.


SC2 did let you pick your colour in custom matches and skirmish though. I distinctly remember running around with pink Terran Marines :smiley: I believe in its current state AOE4 does not let you pick your colour anywhere.

Didn’t the campaigns of AoE2 also have fixed colors?

Boggles my mind why something so basic like this was left out.


This is really a very basic lack of content, but I believe the production team will re add the color selection function.

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Thank you all! We are listening and are tracking this request internally.