Players cannot view the map at the end of the game

Players cannot view the map after the game and are forced to enter the score settlement interface. Many players like to view the map repeatedly after the game, which has a great sense of achievement. At the same time, they can summarize some details that cannot be observed in the game. Please view the map after the game like the first three parts of AOE.


Wrong sub? As far as we know this is not a bug but a deliberate choice.

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The absence of this feature is such an obvious shortcoming that can be rightfully considered a bug.


That’s not how bugs work. Posting it here takes up space and attention that legitimate bugs need.

This should be a suggestion, plain and simple. I’m pretty sure it’d be a popular one.

It was a popular suggestion during closed beta. It was a popular suggestion after the stress test.
Correctly reporting such an obvious and popular suggestion didn’t seem to have much of an effect, not even a simple acknowledgment. Maybe, trying elsewhere could be useful?

Now, if we are being serious, of course you are right, I was just being sarcastic, and I think with good reason.

I like and respect the seriousness of your statement, even if I fail to see how this incorrect bug report could cause so much trouble.
I’d equally like to see the same seriousness and responsiveness from the people responsible for the development of this game we are all here to love and support.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback!
We’ll share this with the team for further review and consideration.


Thanks for replying!

Thank you very much!