Players dropping too frequently

Game Version:101.101.33315.0 4426672

  • Build Gtx 1070 ti Core i7 8700k Asus H gaming motherboard 16 gb ddr4 ram 2 TB SSD
  • Platform Steam


Teammates either on my team or enemy team resigning/dropping too frequently. It is happening almost 25-30% of the time especially in 3v3 or 4v4 games.

Reproduction Steps:

As of now there is no incentive to try to not drop or resign in the game other than a small amount of elo lost. The game should implement a competitive cool down which prevents frequently dropping players to que up without waiting a certain amount of time. Such as in csgo. The way to code this could be any player who resigns before a big battle, significant amount of vils lost compared to total number of vils (early game vils being worth more), big difference in score, significant amount of units lost compared to total amount of units. It would be nice to see (dropping players name) received a 2 hour cool down after they drop

That would make the competitive scene more “clear”, rewarding good players. But maybe it can also mess with people who get disconnected? mp is not very stable right now.
One of my fears is that people will never resign, and play hide-and-seek with their last villagers, or stay AFK during the game.
The issue is described by me in this super long thread. Scroll down and you will see Ive made a reply to why people are experiencing this. There is 100’s, if not 1000’s of people experiencing an issue with DE and their Network adapter. This causing them to disconnect ingame. Please go over to this post and report this issue, like and upvote my post. It needs devs attention badly. The more people can come to the same thread - the stronger that thread stands. 4,5 weeks and we still got no official answer to why people are just randomly dropping (even players like MBL). Tons of people have reported this bug/issue - and the admins have not even “pinned” the post to know issue and bug… Its just super bad at this stage… Someone over at AOE2 DEV team - wake up!

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