Players randomly dropping in custom game lobby

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  • GAME BUILD #: latest
  • GAME PLATFORM: Steam / Microsoft Store (both)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10 / Windows 8

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bunch of players join and waiting to start in lobby, players randomly drops and receives a message got kicked but that isn’t the case.

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  • 75% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. 6-7 player join a custom game lobby
  2. players randomly disconnect/drops
  3. have to rejoin

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not drop


I’ve been experiencing the same problem. The last patch really did a number on problems custom game lobbies have been encountering. 11

@thieftdp8498 do you know if in your case the custom game lobby was also with a custom map, or was the lobby for a standard map (f.e. normal Arabia, Arena, BF, etc)?

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we have been having this issue regardless of map. regular BF or custom maps, I think its server issue

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bump, this is happening after the DLC release


@Nerathion do you still have this issue?
@thieftdp8498 do you have with mods disabled?

I’m pretty sure it still happens after the new DLC launched. It’s hard to say for sure, sometimes people just think they got kicked and don’t ask questions afterwards, and when you’re hosting you might think that people left on their own accord instead.

I’ll write here if I know for sure it has happened again. Was this meant to be fixed in the new patch though, as I don’t think there’s a line about it under the Lobbies section of the patch notes. The other lobby bug (lobby crashes before it can start) is still not fixed and I assumed the two bugs are connected.


@Felizon89 player drops and receive a “kicked” message as if host kicked them which isn’t the case.

a normal kick from host would result in them unable to see the lobby or rejoin for 1 whole minute, but this they can rejoin and it isn’t a kick from host, just a message which can lead to misunderstanding.

further more, this isn’t UI mod or some sort. this is any datamod, scenario etc. the game isn’t only supporting normal games lobby, but also mods as it is a huge part of the game.

I can understand the devs are less likely to help and troubleshoot for modders but this is a game feature and it needs to be fixed.

@Nerathion I feel that there is some correlation for sure. whenever player drops randomly due to this bug, I find that the lobby on countdown start has a much higher chance of dropping all players (the offending player getting the bug would stuck in countdown screen and not proceed onto loading screen).

we got a mod group and play mods daily and this is what we observed after like 20-30 games. for now the player who got the kicked message have to try restarting the game to lessen the effect.

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Yes, I believe the same. At least, a workaround for that is to close the spot every time after someone leaves (or gets kicked), and then reopen it again after a few seconds. Supposedly the lobby can bug out when someone leaves or gets kicked and isn’t properly updated, so when a new player takes that spot the lobby will read it as 9/8 players in the lobby on start, causing the crash.

This is all assumption though, so I don’t know if that’s actually the case. Most of these ‘workarounds’ I’m aware of are just people trying out things and seeing if there’s any correlation, at the very least closing spots has in my experience lowered the chances of lobbies crashing before loading screen even appears. Mind you - I’m talking about the crash where everyone gets an unknown error right after the lobby has counted down to 0, but before everyone would go to loading screen. The ‘offending player’ stays in lobby while everyone else gets booted, too.

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@Felizon89 I’m pretty sure this bug happened again today, where someone got kicked and host said they didn’t kick the player. I don’t think it was a map kick (where if a player accidentally clicks anywhere but Agree to downloading the mod, they immediately get kicked from lobby) either.

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+1 happened to me yesterday

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happened to me today as well

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Any idea on how to reproduce this issue? We don’t have players dropping in custom lobbies, we test every week.

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I think this happens when people leave or get manually kicked on their own, then new joiners to lobbies will have a higher chance of getting kicked - but this is also just a hypothesis. I’ve noticed they’ll get kicked when the lobby gets full, but not always.

So perhaps something like… while lobby is getting full or is full, kick someone or have them leave and do not do anything with the spot. Immediately after the kick have someone else join the lobby to take the spot. And then maybe wait for a minute or so? Or just start the lobby.

I don’t know if this would 100% reproduce the issue, but this is what I’ve noticed leads to problems most often.

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@Felizon89 I believe it requires a custom game lobby, so with datamod or scenarios or mix of both.

if you hold long enough (from players coming from different region, not all from the same area) some people will eventually drop and when that happens it MAY or may not happen on startup.

@SadBearFVDCLUB also experienced it and he posted another thread but its likely the same issue after last 2 maintenance


Many players are experiencing the issue.

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Can confirm this happened today as well, on latest patch. Rage Forest 4 map. I didn’t see host close the spots after some players got booted or left, thus at least one player got dropped on their own.

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This is still happening constantly. Anytime someone is kicked from or leaves a lobby, if the host does not close and reopen the slot, the game will crash while trying to load.


We found an issue that makes some players that join a lobby crash. If the host creates a public lobby, then change the server setting to private, invite some people and then add some AI, the guests crash. We’re still investigating more issues related to players dropping.

giving more info here. our lobbies are never private. like 99% of these crashes on startup or player dropping are all in public lobbies, but the bug you guys found may likely be related. so fixing that may fix this too

FWIW, all occurrences of this issue that I have observed have been in public lobbies, including the ones I have hosted.

Thank you for continuing to look into it.

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