Playing 2v2 Random Map Ranked

We are trying to play a ranked multiplayer game with a friend, 2 vs 2.

However, in the screen of Ranked game, the option for 2 vs 2 is only available for Total Combat, not for Random Map.

The options in Random Map are 1vs 1, 3 vs 3 (medium map), 3 vs 3 (normal map) and 4 vs 4.

But the 2 vs 2 is not there.

Are we missing some setting?


Wait, you have 2 options for 3v3? Cause there ought to be only 1. :o

Maybe one of them is 2v2 after all and is misspelt?

Yes, I do! It might be a translation problem… I have it in spanish…

I will try it out!

Yes, the problem was a typo…

Well, good atleast that it works! :slight_smile: Hopefully they’ll get that fixed. Share the news @GMEvangelos ?

Mind sharing a screenshot I can pass to the team? (Need more information!)