Playing Age for 12 Years Competitively 10,000+ hours - Heres some changes that are a must developers

I’ve heard developers are changing more than just balance patches and so much more. I can list hundreds of things that I would want changed, but I’m sure you’ve heard them before. So here are a couple that are a must fix for Age of empires 3 definitive edition. PS… Been trying to figure out how to become insider and post for months :slight_smile:, also don’t know if I’m posting in correct spot.

  1. Fix the attack move. It is extremely glitched. I had to find a workaround that isn’t even in the hotkeys using the ‘ALT’ Button and right click instead of the attack move. You attack move and it glitches units sometimes to run past there entire army or freeze for 2 seconds

  2. FIX SHIFT MOVEMENTS. Shift moving is bugged in many scenario’s. If I shift click to move unit to a place then shift click to attack building AFTER they move to a place it will bug and will not attack until in ‘idle’ mode and then it starts attacking on it’s own. ex. Shift click units to move close to TC then attack town center (shift click to move so it will not take 30 seconds for all the units to surround the tc)

  3. ADD CONTROL CLICK - TO SELECT ALL UNITS. So selecting all units should be as easy as holding ctrl + click. Instead of double clicking the units all the time. It is a massive improvement in all strategy competitive games and hope it can be implemented in age 3! easy to control multiple units at a time during fight.

  4. FIX SOME MAJOR HOTKEYS - Would love to see ‘CYCLE’ through for buildings OR units. EX. Keeping all military buildings on one hotkey and pressing the cycle command like spacebar or whatever you want to configure to CYCLE between which military building AND your able to make units from the hotkeys with whatever building you have selected. EX. I put all military buildings on one hotkey, i hit the ‘Q’ button to produce hussar but it actually produces musketeer because Barracks is first building in that hotkey. Also would love to see CAMERA hotkeys and just updates to the hotkeys in general. But those aren’t major concerns! Attack move and cycle would be AWESOME

I hope this helps and I am SOO excited for Age 3 DE. Looking forward to playing some competitive and hopefully this will spark people to play some more Age 3 DE. I have many more suggestions if anyone would want to reach out to me! Thanks :slight_smile:


I feel like I made this post. Hah nice post and I definitely agree. I wonder who you are.

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Wow - a post with suggestions that don’t involve completely changing the game?

I just hope some of the annoying exploits get fixed like Oprich squares.

If I were the producer, I would merge and optimize the control styles of all RTS games to give players the maximum freedom to customize the ways how they play.

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What do you mean control styles? Examples?

Thank you :grin: I wonder who you are :joy:. Also if you like this post the give it a like do devs can see it

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