Playing Mirror with the DLC

What do you think will happen if one player picks mirror and doesn’t own the DLC, with the other player picking one of the two new civs? Will there be the same approach as in HD, where you could still play them or will you just get a different random civ?
What would you prefer?


I prefer to wait a couple of hours

there isnt really much know about how it is implemented into the game. Just the simple question “Can users with DLC and without DLC play together in ranked?” isnt answered…

Based on some rumors, they seem to use the HD approach, were there is a limited civ pool if you want to play with DLC civs, while not owning the DLC.

I would prefer no new civs, because you wont have these issues.

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The way HD does it sounds like an opportunity to release a discounted version of the Definitive Edition which separately sells The Last Khans as DLC to artificially inflate the rotating civ pool 11. For The Last Khans has the label of an additional expansion and is technically not a part of the base game despite being a part of it since release day.

LotW only has 2 civs so I don’t think it’s enough to reuse the civ pool method of HD. Plus HD didn’t have matchmaking, so we just can’t know yet.

There is a reason i call them rumors. I am not sure about it. I also dont think civ pools + match making is a great combo. So i hope they did something else.

Even if they did reuse that same method, that would just mean people without the DLC can now pick from the very limited civ pool of all 35 “old” civs plus one of the two new ones.

You would get a pick of 36 civs, and you would get a pick of more civs than you initially bought the game with. I don’t really see the problem in that "rumor’.

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You will get a random civ, I tested it. :slight_smile: