Playing Offline

Can´t find the way to play offline in my Surface Go. Followed the steps I found in the Q&A webpage (activating offline gaming in Windows 10) but had no success.

Is there a way to fix this? Any suggestions?

Thanks from Argentina!

If you followed all the steps it should work. You can test this by disconnection from your LAN or wireless network and then launch the game. Only available modes should be Single Player and LAN in the main menu.

Some ‘poor’s tip’ if you couldn’t make it to work is to let the game opened without exiting it, if it loses connection, it still runs. (you can reduce it when non-used)

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But this means that in order to play offlinr first I have to be online? What happens if I turn on my computer being online? The game is not available to play?

Thanks for your answer!

Same question to you above… Thanks!

Do you sign in to Windows using a separate MS disconnected local user account or do you sign in using your Microsoft account added as regular or administrative user?

I did check offline play in my account settings at and it is enabled for my laptop. Lately there was a disruption in connecting to the Xbox services and I could still play offline, but I didn’t test it with LAN cabling disconnected.

Maybe you do need an active network connection but not necessary internet connected for using offline play functionality. I will test this later, as well below my MS user account to check if it does make a difference.

Yes, I had in mind the example of holidays. You prepare everything before going ‘elsewhere’, the drawback with my idea is that you are obliged to use sleep mode instead of shutdown if you want the program to stay running, I didn’t test if it resists sleep mode. The other example is inconsistent connection, you don’t shutdown the PC all the time, and AoE DE either.

MS account as admin. Let me know if you find a way to play offline turning on your laptop with no internet connection. Thanks again!

Will try it, but I think it´s stupid not allowing us to play offline not having to trouble doing juggles!!!


I tried today and indeed starting up AOE DE doesn’t work without internet connection to Xbox on startup. This makes it impossible to use this game for LAN parties (using routers with DHCP service but no internet attached to WAN) unless you use the method as described by @Danicela. Let’s hope they fix it in next release.

It seems like you can only play offline when you are disconnected. It happened to me today. But it would be nice to play the game by just pulling it up without any internet connection.


Thanks for your feedback! AOE 3 for offline gaming!!!

Yes, it’s november 9th now., 6 month later, still wondering about why playing offline isn’t working right. Yes, I can play the game offline [microsoft store version of AOE DE], but only after being online, logging into xbox live account and then going offline on my pc.

How to play the game offline without needing to log into xbox live account if you have no internet connection to begin with?

There’s the instructions here but it doesn’t really help -->

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guess this no work for steam version ?

Could a dev please chip in here just to let us know whats the deal with offline play? Can’t seem to find any solid info re this. If loading up laptop/game with no internet, none of my campaign progress or saves are there. It’s as though reset back to a clean install. Soon as I connect to xbox live it all loads up and voila; progress is restored. The save files are on my hard drive so why can’t I continue my campaign when I’m wihout internet? If it’s just not possible please let me know so I can at least stop searching for a resolution that doesn’t exist.