Playing the scenarios

I have never really been into scenarios. I have played some years and years ago. I wanna try completing all scenarios on hard. So i have some questions:

  • Do you like the scenarios?
  • What is your favorite scenario (must be part of the game, not a modded scenario)?
  • How difficult are scenarios compared to multiplayer RM games? I heard they are now much harder because of the improved AI. Is thit true?

Feel free to share anything about the scenarios you would like to share :slight_smile:

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Conclusion: No one played the scenarios? This will probably match with steam achievements too.

Here is a discussion about difficulty of campaigns:

You should try the scenarios for yourself to experience whether these suit you. I like scenarios, because they offer varied gameplay and situations. It is enjoyable to build myself up vs AI enemies and then have mighty battles with them. I don’t play multiplayer myself, but multiplayer seems much more stressful and competition-oriented, while scenarios are more about immersion into history and destroying big AI cities. Each scenario starts from very different situation, so there is much less “meta” and more improvising.