Playing with people without DLC?

You think we will be able to play with people who don’t have DLC just like Age of Empires 2 HD?

For example, I could host a DLC scenario/mod. But non DLCers can still join the lobby and play. But these themselves could not host the scenario/mod since they lack the DLC. There are still many players on HD who don’t have DLC.

The pain of non DLCers joining and scenarios who don’t have the right civ for fix civs maps is annoying. At least we can preset the civs for maps on DE.

I really hope it wont split the community even more. Things like have ranked split in groups for ever DLC. That would be really terrible design by the devs.

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I agree with @WoodsierCorn696. The game needs to focus on building/fostering the community it has. It can not afford to divide the community, the tournaments, the ranked play, etc. That is why I think having people pay for it, will cause a rift for equitable play and is a reason the original game ended up losing traction.

I hope it will just be that you can’t pick the civ if you don’t own it, but otherwise everyone can play with each other together.


Yeah. That would be the only way for it to really work, but even so, I feel as it will end up limiting the over all play of the game - especially if it is the way they intend to keep moving forward. It is going to make the barrier to play larger shrinking the dedicated community.

I suppose they’re doing it this way for those interested in MP. Everything else for the MP crowd wouldn’t make sense.

In HD you could disable DLCs via Steam and don’t get those civs in random. Like nearly everybody hated Rajas, you could disable it.

Also in HD there was a star on civs can be accessed freely, and after a time starts changes it’s civ. Is this going to come back with “2” new civ"s"?

buy u couldnt choose from civs u already own so it was anoying

Well I hope the game will be exactly the same for people with and without the DLC just that people without DLC will have the two civs and 3 campaigns greyed out in the menus…