Plea/Request to Change Portuguese Redundant Team Bonus

With Cartography Free and Shared Exploration available with a click of a button, the Team Bonus for Portuguese is super redundant. Please change it in a future patch. If anyone has any suggestions as to what a new team bonus should replace this redundant TB, please post it below.

1.) Increase ROF of all gun powder units (including Organ Guns) by 33%

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The Portuguese were known for their naval exploration and trade. maybe +50% line of sight for military ships? A bit like the Japanese team bonus, but better as it would apply to all military ships.

Competitive play still doesnt use shared exploration, so the team bonus is great (one of the best). I recommend you playing like this if you can afford it; Although I need to say that comes handy in unranked lobbies where we still cant see elo and you cant trust and ally.

Unfortunately me and a lot of the player base don’t play comp. (Too toxic). I usually play with friends or LAN parties.

But from someone who plays competitively, how much are the Portuguese used in team games? If they’re hardly being used at all then only a handful of players are actually appreciating the bonus. Whereas as a good chuck of the player base don’t play comp and would appreciate a less redundant team bonus (IMHO).

TBH shared exploration should be available anyway in team games as a quality of life change. I assume that’s partly the reason Cartography was removed. Why not just take it all the way and give players more time and focus on strategy than otherwise scouting their own allies.

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Well we should care about the competitive scene first right? and this would be a big change, there is nations cup 2020 coming soon, lets see what settings do they use. I shall make a poll between best players and see what they say. Also maybe Portuguese needs a buff

Does the team bonus work if you play Great Empire? I assume not, since you start in the Feudal age.

We should care about everyone. That’s why just ggetting shared exploration off the cuff and buffing Portuguese in a form of a Team Bonus might be the best way to go. Whatever replacement there (if it ever happens) should be a pretty good replacement that actually helps a Portuguese ally.

Also, since you mentioned Tournaments along with the competitive scene, aren’t majority of these 1v1s? So shared exploration is not just redundant but obsolete as well, given that anything serious and involves money are usually 1v1 and doesn’t even require the bonus.

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