Pleas repair only 2 those thinks for me

I mean so much dust in everything even if shooting arrows from castle, or moving with army. It only costs perfomance and unreality. Others dusts seems cool. (I dont hate other types of dust in game) I want skeletons or better blood on battlefield, everything is vanished after some seconds. Dancing elephants, oh sorry rage elephants killing castles with dancing is not good too The 24 Visual Problems in Age of Empires IV - YouTube.
aoe2 is too prehistory for me, make good job for me

What you see a error is your personal view, but those make the charm of the game.

Every thing is intentional for great game play.

It is true that nest bee did too much damage or that arrow was too big, they got fixed. :smile:

Disagree, I like the fog and smoke as it is, it blocks the bugs and unmanned siege so makes it look better :smiley:


But the nest bee of animation did not get fixed

Look perfect to be publish.

If the nest bee arrow has gone in strait line, like in reality, some people would have not been able to see it.

The big arch of arrow allow people to see the arrow flying, since smoke was hiding it.

The smoke is needed to let people know when the siege weapon fire. ( it is for fast readability, way bether then a waithing bar or a siege enginear, that can be hiden by smoke.

I tell you it is a great idea.

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Smoke gives me epicness feel and they fix too much smoke.:slight_smile:

Obviously, this is a bug

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