Pleas stop making english more appealing

Please stop giving english more gimniks and nerf them please. I hate it to.have days where 60% of my games are against english. Im convinced that the current patch makes it only worse. Don’t misunderstand me i don’t have problems against english but it is boring to play always against the same civ.

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i am very unsure about wich game you talk

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Well if its AOE4, I clapped every english player I got up against in ranked so I’m fine :rofl:

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It’s got to be AoE4, since no other AoE game has English in it.

British / English… it’s the same

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No it isn’t. They mean different things. There are millions of people who are British but not English.

But even if they did actually mean the same thing, the only AoE game that has a civ called English is AoE4, so it’s safe to assume that ############## is talking about that.


+1 on this. It’s getting really old playing so much English. I looked on aoe 4 world and I’ve played 38% of my ranked matches against English this season. I’ve played English as much as the next 3 civs combined and 4 times as much as any other civ with the exception of china. This is on a 52 game sample size. I float all over plat level.

Aren’t people allowed to play the civ that they like? This is beside civs their strengths and weaknesses btw.

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many people don’t choose civs based on what they like. they choose civs based on which civs they can win with.

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I think, best civ for new player, because it is really easy to play also if you can learn about game more you should able to counter them!

Just learn to play against them, that is all, I do not find it tedious playing against them tbh :slight_smile:
It is always another player - another style of play.

I was very active in S2, however as of S3 the game has become a joke. While such opinion might seem as simple dissing, it is true. The game became English vs English.
They nerfed all other actually interesting civs to the point where they are unplayable on a level of an average player (which i am, I suppose) cannot realistically compete. Map designs deserve separate thread. Sad…