Please, add a cursor to define max population limit

Keep 200 pop limit for e-sports and ranked games, but seriously : my friends and me don’t care about balance or every arguments i read to be against this feature in casual games (-_-)/.

Let us play casual 1 v 1 with 2000 Soldiers by side if we want, let us have fun even if its not balanced or that my computer could burn (O_O)/.

Casual gamers don’t care about your “its not Aoe, its cossack” ; “Potato pc will crash” ; “its not balanced” ; “its not the way that Aoe is played”… DUDE ! We are not hardcore gamers ! let casuals play with infinite pop limit if we want, just for the sake of FUN __(X_X)__/ !!! Have a nice day.


Would it even kill a moderately powerful machine to uncap the tiny 200 pop cap in this game? 1,000 would make for some big bombard spam in the late-late game.

I wouldn’t mind a minuscule increase for competitive games as well in this title.

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I entirely agree. I get that for ranked or tournaments it doesn’t make sense to increase population, but please let us change the limit in custom games! Let the players decide if they can/want to take the risks of increasing the limits.


Unfortunately you’ll never get unlimited population, due to the capabilities of the engine being able to function without extreme lag.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if we see adjustable population between 50 - 400 in the near future! :slight_smile: