Please add a hotkey to go to attack signals to avoid unrestored buildings be deleted

sometimes enemy hits many sides of your empire, that all minimap is full of signals, please add a hotkey to go to attack signals, as there is no one yet, there is one that moves camera to last notification but it is not good because also mvoes camera on no interesting notifications, so please add a hotkey to move camera to recent attack signals zone.
Because sometimes on late games, player wins by atacking many diferent places at same time, and is so noise and very tiring to go to atack signals.
and would be could to be able to create a signal of a place that you really want to defend for example, if a factory is being atacked that signal should be red and with diferent sound

as russia easily lose if 2 factories are lost, because wont have enough wood for strelets, its really important to attend signals fast, so we need hotkeys to do that. Minimap signals are very bad, the signals dont sound if a unit atack near the first signal by 40 area.

I would suggest:

  1. a hotkey to move to the last signal attacks
  2. making attack signals on minimap editable, so we can choose area of displaying an attack signal, sound signals for buildings, or areas on the map.

many players complain about that if a player attacks everywhere they cant defend themselves and this maybe would help to let them defend themself a little better.
Because sometimes just like 5 pikeman or 2 mortars and an atack signal not attended, can destroy 2 factories or important buildings taht can’t be replaceble, they are unrestore