Please add better signaling for groups of control

to avoid mistakes like this where i tought that i was moving my invasors 0:14 I accidentally press group of control 2 instead of group of control 3 because i dont know which group is the one that has the invasors, so i made invasor dont go to the
image zone by mistake, i move my jabalins there by mistake (play the video on 0.25 x on second 13-15
please add something better than this banner for groups image
please add a banner of a horseshoe with a crossing arrow for jabalins
or even better add the number 2 or number 3 in middle of the 5 invasors.
something like this


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The number in the middle doesnt make sense due to individual units being able to be spread, they dont work as a single unit

I can see the first idea being very messy, what happens if you have mixed army comps for example

but the second idea might be doable like in starcraft, where IIRC the control group number appears as part of the unit selection circle

No creo que sea factible que se incluyan contadores de unidades, pero si siento que faltan más etiquetas. Podríamos tener imágenes para infantería ligera, caballería ligera…

the number of the group can be spread too, its just muuuuuch better than how is right now

no son contadores de unidades, es el grupo de control en medio de las unidades, osea si las unidades son grupo 3 aparece el 3 en medio de ellas, y si se dividen por el mapa sigue apareciendo el 3 para que sepas que pertenecen al grupo 3 aunque esten esparcidas por el mapa