Please add bridges (and other stuff)

Please, wooden bridges. You already have the tech - merging the way how shipyard is build with logic of walls. You have the assets in game already (ponton wooden bridge) and it would add so much more variety to campaigns, maps (destroying and defending some bridges) and people who play with map editor would uncondittionally love you.

Extra bonuses:
bridges can be build by infantry units
Bridge gates for ships,
bridge that can be passed by land unit but also by a ship,
water ditch (bridges can be build on it, slow down incoming units impassable by siege equipement)
or water ditch can be maybe used to build around farming squares to speed up farming or lover the cost, pushes the maximum of food produced…

please, just think about people who dont play multiplayer and love this game for single player, campaigns, and the town building aspects.


No thanks,this is not a city builder like stronghold.

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this is a good thing for modders to try. If they success in that, maybe developers would consider it

You mean like adding 3 new campaigns to the game and another expansion upcoming with even more campaigns and coop?
yeah they been thinking about the single player crowd a lot.


I mean it could be interesting to balance water maps and make them less “stalematy”.
I don’t know if it is necessary to make them bridges, but some form of land transformation would be interesting. So you could build towers on the new land or mixed terrain, to protect your workers.

But i don’t know, seems a bit over the top for me.

if they do end up adding something like bridges i hope its purely single player side. sounds like something that would be a bit gimmicky and hard to balance in multiplayer.

how much do they cost?
how long do they take to build?
when its built are they attackable?
can both players use said bridge?
are they deletable like other buildings are?

That is a set of very good questions. I was always thinking they will be of course attackable and destroyable. For delete option, thats actually a very good question. Currently you can misuse the way how gates are working (block it with one unit and infiltrate the base) and we survived it, so things like "could they delete bridges underneath my army) …yes, potentially, its a risk-price for using opposites army bridge.

This sort of thing should only be left to scenarios and mods.


Am I saying they dont? I am saying that this feature may not sound great to multiplayer people, but it would make singleplayer more interesting and thus, its mainly for them.

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which is why this is something that should remain single player only imho. in multiplayer its a nightmare. all the opponent has to do is destroy or delete a bridge with an army on it and boom. GG.

Then … dont cross it ?

or, we just make such a feature a single player only thing. multiplayer its too much of a balance nightmare.