Please add dismiss system for units in AOE 4

We all kill our units and villagers using Delete key to manage population based on needs. It will be nice if players can just dismiss them, instead of them doing the death animation.

When the player press delete key, or hold delete key they will be dismissed, the units will do a salute animation and disappear.

It feel so ungrateful to delete especially the poor villagers after they have worked so hard for our empire.

hope Relic can add this as a mod.


Since they die out of nowhere to an an unseen higher power, think of them having heart attacks because of working for multiple centuries without breaks :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea. I really don’t like to kill the villagers who have been working so hard for me.

Actually they can do better than disappear. In Dune2000 you can let your army retreat to the edge of map like a real retreat and become your reserve next battle.

When people are asking a global map like CoH3, we need to be aware it is a system already existed in DoW1 and Dune2000!

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I’ve always thought it was just a funny quirk aoe had.


They should also do the mods showing the villagers begging infront of the town Center for a job or money after they been dismissed.

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