Please add Hoop Throwers

I’d be up for seeing Hoop Throwers as a random merc with viable stats or perhaps with a bit more love could add Knights of St. John as a minor civ like Jesuits :thinking: As it seems unlikely that we’d actually get a playable Malta as a major faction, would be a bit weird I guess.


it would be nice to see the knights as a minor faction if we one day get european maps.

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Malta as a revolution for France and a hypothetical Italian civ could get these guys. Otherwise, I think a tweaked mercenary version available in regular games could be really fun.

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“5x vs janissary” would indeed make for a balanced mercenary lol


eh, minor detail i think, im sure they’ll get changed statistically if added.

A merc gren could be fun

The hoop thrower in the campaign was a bit OP since they had no negative multi.

Which made them a bit ridiculous

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There are chakrams, but they are natives being weaker right??

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If they make an Europe themed DLC then the Knights are must have as a minor civilisation.
They had some bases outside of Malta too so it would make sense to see them on multiple maps.

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