Please add in game voice chat

Good evening Age of Empires community :slight_smile:

It would be great if AOE4 would get an in game voice chat. During a RTS game every second matters. So the most people do not write chat messages.

Personally I think AOE4 and gaming in generally makes mutch more fun when you can interact with other people during a game. Playing with others is also good for the long time fun you have with a game.

Therefore AOE4 should support the communication between players. Voice chat is one good way to achieve that. Most of the time when you don’t know the other players before you don’t speak with them in discord. So an in game voice chat is needed in my opinion.

With a person you spoke you are by far more likely to play again. This supports friendship with person who you met in game. This improves the community of AOE 4 also.

Of course there should be a possibility to mute a person for you if you want.

What do you think about it? Maybe do you have suggestions to improve communication between players?

Kind regards


Or another option is to have a functional global chat.

Both should be possible. In game voice chat and a functional global chat.

Furthermore in game clans would be good.

it would be like

### beep beep beep ## ### beep

Supports friendship? Oh no, we’ve been there, it’s everything but friendship supported in voice chats.

Discord works fine for team games.

It would be constant beep. Even silence would be really offensive.

It will be very good. And I really want to speak English with Indian, Japanese and Scottish. Btw, I’m Chinese.

Ok maybe not the best idea. People who want can use discord.

But I think there should be more communication possibilities.

Global chat, taunts (I know they should come somewhere in the futures) and maybe other possibilities.

I still think we need it.

I used to play 4vs4, but stopped with it because we couldn’t communicate with the chat filter.

Now i only team up with people who have discord, but i would love to be able to play 4vs4 again and have right away a voice com. established with the options to mute. (or unmute first to use)

chat is garbage: ###### #### ###### :smiley:

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