Please add option to disable Obscured Unit Alpha

I really miss the option of disabling Obscured Unit Alpha from AOE3: DE, so you cannot see coloured silhouettes of units behind buildings.

It makes the game a lot more beautiful and realistic to me.

This, coupled with the much-requested option of changing our team colours (I just want to be red!), would make AOE4 much more enjoyable.


In all our games you’re red…

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Have you thought maybe that’s why I enjoy playing together so much? :wink:

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Definitely agree, should give an option to disable/enable silhouettes, adjust building size, connect walls to team walls, set formations, garrison teammate buildings, drop relics in teammate buildings, place gates and towers in teammate walls, and give over shared control of units to team mates/ distribute resources to teammates when dropped from Game or surrender

Just wanted to follow up on this as it’s been over a year. While custom team colours are now possible (red, yay!), I’m surprised that an option to disable unit occlusion still hasn’t been added. It’s a feature in both AOE III and Relic’s own Company of Heroes 3.

I guess I’m in the minority here but I really think not seeing brightly coloured silhouettes of units behind buildings and foliage makes the game a lot more immersive.

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