Please add 'random civ'

Please add ‘random civ’ to pvp and pve games including custom games to assign a random civ to AI opponants. I think this is normally expected in an RTS game and I’m sure many are missing this feature :slight_smile:


Are you sure you want that? Imagine going random civ and getting NERFED DELHI or HRE… eww

jk btw random is absolutely needed, I’m just so mad at how they are handling this game post-launch, one disappointment after the other.


Yeah, I’d never go random civ in the current patch. Delhi were weak before and have since been nerfed (now required to actually have 20+ scholars for reasonable research times late game. Previously could get away with 13 or so but you had sacred sites in dark age but not anymore). Besides the nerf they’re also broken as some tech actually take longer the more scholars you have. I play vs AI a lot and want to set them as random. Would be very unlucky for the AI if they randomed Delhi lol. Also, agree HRE isn’t a good civ either atm.