Please add reconnect feature to multiplayer!

I don’t know how many sync errors I’ve seen in this game. Very frustrating to play 40 mins to just drop from the game

desync error is a drop hack

but yeah reconnect feature would be awesome to have
got so many of my friends dropped out and cant rejoin because potato internet in my country

Well I hope they fix it then. What a sad life (for the people that do it)

fixing it means they need to add client side anti cheat
the main reason it triggers is because server detect that player cheated resources etc in multiplayer
the bug exist in previous age games, so dont get your hopes up

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They should add a rehost feature for custom lobbies.
If someone crashes you can just host a new match with the current savegame.

This doesn’t work for ranked of course but I don’t think there will ever be a good solution for that.

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empire earth a 21 years old game have this feature you’re talking about xD
oh well, hopefully they see this thread and do something about it

Same relic used for COH, dow2, coh2 and coh3, they never added reconnection if those game and they never will…