Please Add Select all Markets hotkey

It’s useful when you spam trade cart every team game,but we cant find it. all market(normally at corner) spawn key
above steps without move vision when fighting

It’s more widely used than “select all idle trading cart”
Even select all monastery have a key . Thanks


Yes, this would be great!

More generally, I’d also like a few other hotkeys:

  1. Remove the item at the start of the building’s unit/tech queue.
  2. Remove the item at the end of the building’s unit/tech queue.
  3. Remove all items from the building’s unit/tech queue.

I’d also like to be able to hold SHIFT and click on items in the queue to delete them 5 at a time. i.e. Have 5 units queued up, hold SHIFT, click the unit once and they all get removed. This would work the same a holding SHIFT and clicking the unit to queue 5 up at a time.


I always wondered why this was missing. Is this a bug? I believe so

+1 to all of those and OT.
Have been wanting those myself.

I agree. This hotkey is definitely missing. +1

Agreed here. Another +1 for sure.

Was searching for that and found this topic. +1


We finally get this done.
Thank you for support!

If you set market button to same key,it research Guilds first, and then Coinage,Caravan,trade cart unit.
Once you have multiple market,just click “select all market” several times.
Coinage and Guilds is not necessary ,so its more reasonable to cancel both.

Another tip,“select all blacksmith and university” could be used to research tech without change combat vision.

btw,i’d like one click multiple queue villager for years,instead of “go to TC+spawn”. 11

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You can control group yout TC’s, then SHIFT + Q (or whatever you hotkey is to queue vils) and this will evenly queue 5 vils across your TC’s.


I use MQ aswell,but i am saying that “one click” spawn without select and choose idle TC.
btw ,there is a issue that MQ is causing idle TC.
Suppose each TC spawn a vil(one is almost 90%,another is 20%),then multiple queue a new vil ,it wont spawn at the 90% TC smartly.
It could be more simplified and fast when player switch TC control group frequently .

Another idea,
there is toggle mini-map mode button ,why not add toggle mini-map mode “hotkey”?

There is a hotkey to go to Market…
About selecting all Markets, you may use the Manual of the game.

1 .To create a group

1 Drag the pointer around the units you want to group.
2 Hold down the CTRL key and press the number you want to assign to the group. For
example, to assign the number 2 to a group, press CTRL+2. The number appears on
each unit in the group.
Once a group has been assigned a number, you can just press that number to select it.
For example, to select group 2, press the 2 key.

  1. To add units to a group
    Select the unit or units you want to add to the group.
    Hold down the SHIFT key and press the number of the group you want
    to add the unit or units to (this causes both the group and the new units
    to be selected). Then hold down the CTRL key and press the number of
    the group you want to add the unit or units to.

The Professional Aoe 2 players are very fast at this, as some very powerful man lift easily 300 kg.
But they have lots of practice and training.

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After today’s update,the issue i was mentioned is not a problem anymore, i have wait this fix for 7 years .
Thanks Dev and DE! :joy:

The multi-building production queue now takes the remaining training time of queued items into account when adding to the queue(s).