Please add some PvE content in future updates

Players are tired of the simple balance update. They hope that developers can add some scene battles in the subsequent updates. Similar to the historical battles in aoe 2, there is only one level. You can change the name to distinguish from the four battles in the original version, and there is no need to shoot a documentary. Similarly, aoe 2 uses ppt as the opening, so the workload will not be very large. Players will also look forward to future updates


More PVE content, more game modes.


I always thought a survival mode would be cool, defending a castle from waves of enemies with secondary objectives to do out on the map. Could have various themes like a mongol invasion on a Rus or HRE castle or a crusader siege etc.


That sounds dope. Maybe someone could make a mod?

the is a mod right now - but it’s more like a demonstration of what could be. we need this feature!

Recently, AOE3 has added a one-time campaign to the game. I think it is great. AOE4 can learn this part from AOE3, which can also complement some civilizations without independent campaigns, and can also meet the needs of PvE players.

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There’s a million ways of making good co-op content, AoE 2 might be one the least appealing to copy on that regard

Very good suggestions. AOE4 really needs more PVE content, more game modes and more custom game settings.

Besides the AI should have character like in AOE3 and Stronghold.

Hopefully the management will listen to all of those very good suggestions.

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