Please add the units info in AOE III in AOE II

Age of empire III units infos is very useful for beginner and to understand the damage from each units, like their weakness and advantages.

If they make this in AOE II it will allow us and beginner to understand the bonus damage, the weakness and unit advantage like AOE III.

They are a lot of units in AOE II and add this mechanic would help a lot of players, even if there is a text, some units have other use that could be explain in the mecha, like the pikeman bonus on the ship, or the villagers bonus damage in buildings, the mamelouk bonus and weakness. Etc… If they add this, the game will be more balance and more easy to understand for beginner and veterans.

Here what i mean :


Only if they can find a way to do it without making the ui take up a third of the screen


Yes or it could be separate button or something. Like we have the in game tech Tree. Select the unit hover over a button to get full details on bonuses and others?


This new guy starts posting three things at once, and until I read the name, I though it was all you, because of the profile. :joy:


Sorry i’m really passionate with this game and i love share my ideas.

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It’s fine, I just did a double take when I realized.

Oh ok but yeah like i said AOE II need to have this option because sometimes when you have a thousand enemies with a lot of civilisations who attack you, you don’t know how to counter correctly.

But yeah like i said AOE II will be more good with this add, and we will understand more the units like AOE III who have a great system, i don’t know if AOE IV have this system.