Please add Tibetans in AOEII

I find this fandom post quite interesting :

User blog:Dark Paladin X/Tibetans | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom.

I know the problem with China they can just make a DLC where they can choose if they want to buy it or not, no PUB and adds in their country like that everyone is happy.


Here’s what you do. You change the architecture/civ/name and play a scenario. Or you should simply find a mod.

A bad political situation avoided.


maybe introduce Phagmodrupa as a civ, which is influence by Tibet but not exactly represent the whole Tibet. Better introduce together with Khitan, jurchen and Tangut.

As a Chinese player, I think it might be possible to change Tibetan to Tubo and China to Huaxia/Han.


I’m really looking forward to having DLC for nomads in tang and Song dynasties, because there’s so little content about China. I don’t think the historical content is relevant to the present. But Microsoft may not take any chances


Eh tbh Jurchen/Manchu, Gokturks, Nanzhao and Tanguts can be added without much problem

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Just wanted to link my other thread to this post as I think it has significant relevance here.


“Han Chinese” is anachronistic to use in this context, “Hua” or “Huaxia” would be a more suitable term.

The Tanguts can act as a pretty good substitute civ for Tibetans, and there’s no obstacle from the Chinese government at all for them to be introduced, cause even the Chinese government has made documentaries about them.

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I see no issues whatsoever with the Chinese government if they add medieval Tibetans. It’s a completely different case from the UAE ban.
There even exists no reason to use “substitute” or cover up names for their civ as it doesn’t affect modern China and makes up a small part of their large history of unification.

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Honestly after recently civ split. I have a feeling that they’ll split Chinese into various factions.

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CIV: Jurchen, Khitan, Tibet
DLC Name: Nomads in China

游牧中国 :grinning: 来自中国玩家的自嗨






yes i skip this indians and wait for china dlc too

Disguising Tibetans as Tanguts is the best risk-reard way to go. The civ should be almost entirely designed after Tibetans tho, Tanguts would be there just for the name.

Considering we’re getting to a point of saturation with civs I’d go with just Jurchens and Tibetans/Tanguts. If there’s still room after a while Khitans or Nanzhao can be added.


I think Gokturks would be more interesting than Khitans tbh


Yes I think so too, cause Khitans can be more or less covered by the Mongols, whereas Gokturks and Jurchens don’t really have an equivalent in game right now (the Turks in game are entirely based on Seljuks and Ottomans).

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I don’t think the issue is “they can choose if they want to buy it or not”. While it seems like medieval Tibet is less sensitive to the Chinese government than “modern” Tibet, the fact of the matter is that if it is deemed too political and promoting “Tibetan independence” then the game will be banned. Hearts of Iron IV is banned in China because it portrays “modern” Tibet as an independent nation instead of a part of China, which internationally it was still legally considered to be by both the Kuomintang and Communist Party of China even during the Warlord Era. Frankly, I don’t think Microsoft is gonna risk it as China is a huge market. You can take from that what you will, but that is the reality of the situation.

The risk to reward ratio is very difficult to do, since again, it’s not a matter of “they just won’t buy it” (again, I’m sure most Chinese citizens don’t give a crap) but a matter of “they will no longer be able to buy it because the game will be banned in China”. I think if they can find a way to do it without making any political implications, they definitely should do so, but risking one of their largest markets is a prospect that a company that exists to make a profit is going to look at from a very pessimistic stand point.

Hang on, is AoE2 banned in the United Arab Emirates? I’d love to have some light shed on that case.

It’s a more complicated issue than “it doesn’t affect”. Games and art do always carry implicit political messages. Say what you will about China’s censorship of games or Tibet, but the fact of the matter is that if it is taken as an implication that the Tibet Autonomous Region is not a rightful part of the People’s Republic of China in accordance with China’s borders, it is very likely the game will be banned there.

Although this is a different case due to it referring to “modern” China, Hearts of Iron IV was banned due to its portrayal of Tibet as an independent nation, as both the Kuomintang and Communist Party considered it to be rightfully Chinese due to it being a part of China for hundreds of years and only gaining de facto independence after the collapse of the Qing dynasty. Whether or not you believe this to be rightful censorship or not, this is their position and it is a sensitive issue. Microsoft is a corporation and above all else it seeks to make a profit, so I doubt they will risk a huge market like China to add Tibet, even if there likely is a way to do it without upsetting the Chinese government. You can say what you will about that, but it is the reality of the situation.

Also, I love your profile pic.

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Tell me about this, please. didn’t know it