Please add treasures

Very good comment. Yes AOE3 has so much more innovative features than AOE4. The maps are more alive and have more to explore.

AOE4 maps should have more things to explore.

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Although I am playing AOE3 more and I want AOE4 dark age opening has more randomize elements, I don’t think treasure is a good idea to be added in AOE4.

AOE4 doesn’t have explorer, how do we hunt for treasure? create new specify unit may mess the game.

I would prefer something new to be added in AOE4 to make build order diversity.

Treasures is something in quotes, because they are not exactly treasures. They could be ruins or capturing something that gives you bonuses or passive income like the recent ‘catchable mills’ that came to AOE-3. They could be mills that are on the banks of rivers and work with hydraulic energy, or they could be relics guarded by pirates, etc.

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Before dev released AOE4, I have suggested similar stuffs.

For ex.
AOM > different bonus relic.
AOE3 > treasure.
War3 > item drop.

However AOE4 only has random sheep finally.
Therefore I don’t expect anymore from this issue.

We don’t need this in AoE4, you like that stuff that’s why they are updating AoE3 for people who enjoy that game. Let AoE4 be it’s own thing.

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AOE-4 takes a lot of mechanics from AOE-2, why couldn’t it take some from AOE-3?

From that point of view basically we don’t need to make sequels because:

There are already battles in AOE-1, we don’t need any other game.
There are already relics in AOE-2, why do AOE-4?

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Unlike AOE3, AOE4 is not a colonial-era-themed game, and adding a treasure system is strange. Let AOE4 do its thing and leave the treasure system to AOE3.

That’s the problem. Why do you associate AOE-3 with colonization, and likewise mechanics?


At this point any new mechanics is more than welcome, the game is extremely simple…


AOE4 needs more features, content, game modes and innovative ideas like AOE3 had. Small balance changes for the e-sport community will only strengthen the trend of declining player numbers.