Please allow F-hotkeys for assignment

I need F1 to F4 specifically to assign them to “show controlgroup” 6 to 9.
The control groups 16 to 19 aren’t a problem, since I create them with ctrl+alt+F1 to F4
and call them via alt+F1 to F4. (I use Autohotkey to rebind alt+F4 to alt+F6, if you’re wondering)
This is important, so all 20 control groups can be used without having to move the left hand,
which is an essential part of the perfect hotkey-setup I want to create.


Good news, everyone!
Crimsontab has updated his online tool and now you can do all the cool things like, use Capslock, alt+F4 and the F-keys as shortcuts!
(thought I haven’t tested this out for myself yet)
And you and I also have way to share the best keyboard layouts with the community.

[for more complicated assignments]