Please allow players to complete mastery in any order

This sequential completion is unnecessary gatekeeping, people have already done so many of the things mentioned in the mastery line. Just allow us players to do it in any order, just because one didn’t kill a scout in dark age should not disregard beating hard AI. Mastery should be done passively, not like the player has to dedicate time and grind them.

Stop with MMO mechanics in RTS games, come on relic, give us the agency, stop gatekeeping.


I think the current approach is ideal. As you mention, mastery of something typically requires time, and dedication.

Mastery is like a civ-specific “Art of War” that helps you progressively learn about a civilization. Doing the steps in any order could hinder the educational experience of building on and applying what you had previously learned.

Making mastery easier to complete would run contrary to its goal (especially if players could skip some steps, but still get the XP from successive steps).

The other ramification of doing the steps in any order is that a player might only unlock the final one, getting the Strength IV portrait, banner, and monument rewards, without completing anything else. This could give the mistaken impression that they have completed the mastery, when they haven’t.


Is it bugged btw? I beat easy AI in skirmish and custom match several times or what else have I to do to get the Mongol “test of strength I”? (I’ve unlock that step)

Can someone explain masteries please? I just completed a bunch and did not unlock them… Do they have to be in order and then finish the game/win the game?

Yes, masteries can only be done in order, one per game. You don’t need to win, but you do need to finish the game.

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Ok. Thank you so much!!

final gift should not be tied to step but with mastery itself, when everything is done get that reward.

Am I doing something wrong or are the Masteries supposed to be one per game? I fill the criteria for say the next 2 in a row on a factions given mastery but I only ever get the next one, example, build 30 longbowmen as English, next is have 16 farms attached to mills I do both but only get awarded the mastery for the building 30 longbowman from the council Hall.

Is this intended?

I think it’s intended, at least it works this way for everyone. Makes it more grindy I guess.

Oh… thats bloody annoying

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the masteries are a pile of garbage… didnt relic learn from DOW3? wtf are they locking things behind jumping though hoops.

we paid for the game, give us the content

instead i need to go out of my way to play in a stupid manner, only to have the masteries glitch out, meaning my time was completely wasted.

i want the rewards from the masteries, but being force to do retarded things over and over until i get the work around for a mastery (since so many of them are broken and cant simply be completed) is very annoying…

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Surrendering is the same as finishing.

Apart from defeating the AI on the various difficulty setting, all the others can be completed on any difficulty.

I just started some french mastery and I’m quite annoyed.
Why would you not let the player get several achievements in one game? I got the first 4 masteries in the first game expecting them to be done then, but unfortunately no.
Do you really expect me to enjoy grinding 15x8 games against AI to finish them? You should just finish some here and there while playing quick play, campaign etc.

Please let players:

  • get several achievements in one match
  • let us get them in any order
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Most of them can be done reasonably in a quick play game naturally, so at least you don’t have to play that many vs the AI, however yes they are intended to be something that shows time and dedication towards a civ.

Just surrender the match when you’ve earned it.

Does the progress of the mastery have to be completed in a single match or does the progress get carried over?

In a single match you have to do it.

Until I found out, that you can do whatever game setup you like. Now it’s more of a puzzle game how to cheese the masteries. You don’t need even an opponent.

I’d like to be able to track the progress of the masteries in game too.

I wish they’d change the “beat AI on X difficulty” challenges as there’s no fun in loading up a game to beat a terrible AI. Why not make it “win X multiplayer matches”.

It’s frustrating when you’re winning multiplayer games against good players but that’s not as good as beating the easy ai!