PLEASE allow solo players to not play against teams!

Dear maintainers, please let solo players choose if they want to play against teamed up players or not when in 2v2/3v3/4v4 matchmaking.

Already teamed up players are way more organized, prepared, and synchronized than any team made of random solo players.
They win most of the games they play because of this.
This impacts random solo players elo and game experience negatively.

Lots of multiplayer games have this mechanic to avoid unfair matches.


Good suggestion. As a solo player in a team game, if there is a group of two/three, they would help out each other way more than they would help the team as a whole which kills the experience.

What’s the sense of team games without coordination?


i don’t know

clearly the 40 million people who played this game without voicechat were all senseless individuals /s


You can’t compare the voicechat’s coordination of a formed team with the ingame text chat a couple of seconds before the match starts


You cant split the ladder in Solo // Premade, AoE doesnt have enough numbers and you would see a spam of “cant find a game OMG devs!” and “all my TGs are against players 200 elo above/below me!”

Sometimes it has to be on the players to organize themselves instead of asking for the protection of Devs Almighty.

Find friends, invite new players, join a discord.


I would love something like this, but they might not have it because of player base size. Said games that have separate queues also have the player base. It’s hard enough to get even match-ups. Anyway, will keep an eye on this thread and see if there is a response. I definitely want this, but in the mean time, I am looking for a group to play with who has a plan going in.


I think an in-game voicechat could be a good solution. Almost all games have it. I think as a dev you can´t leave this feature to an external app or tool like discord. If anyway, some players prefer to comunicate by these channels, ok, but the game should offer a decent voice chat built-in the game

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this is exactly what I was trying to say previously however the community here wont support you anyway because you didnt give out evidence and they can just simply argue you by their desire.

And in fact, while I put my stat in my last summirize post, they are afraid to face the true I am giving to them.I have dropped out most of the points about the unfairness of TG. and I bet you will agree most of them if you usually playing solo in TG games.

and it’s glad that someone like you have the courage to raise out the voice : )

Btw, I like your idea of giving an option to solo players choose match with premade or not. Because every solo players know that it will be unfair to against premade and I guess 99% of them will choose “not” to. But you know what, people here they will say this make premade team having longer queue so they will not supporting this, instead of this, they want those solo players keep doing the game so premade team can keep the advantages.


What if, like the majority of TG players, I like to play as 3 random people against 3 random people ?
Splitting the ladder is a bad idea.
A simple optionnal checkbox in matchmaking tab would do the trick : only willing players would choose the option.
Of course it would take more time to find a match as a premade team; thats how it works in other similar games that have this option.
I personnaly do not enjoy beating disorganized (thus weaker) random solo players when I play TG with friends, and waiting a bit more to get a fair match wouldn’t bother me.

But here is the thing:
If the premate team wins against similar skilled opponents because they can coordinate via voicechat while the team of randoms is coordinated → the premate team will gain ELO and face opponents that might be more uncoordinated but higher in individual game skill… therefore balancing out the fact that the premate team is coordinated…

This is how the ELO system works. In theory the system is fair if you only play solo or if you only play in your premate team.

The only issue I see is with people that sometimes que solo and sometimes que in a premate team as they then either have an advantage or disadvantage. Perhaps the introduction of a premate team specific ELO could solve this :thinking:

  1. in theory you are right, soon or later the elo system should balance the players elo, however, if you check the leaderboard, the top TG players they won’t do any solo TG games, it’s just like a pyramid, the topper elo, the less solo TG players. What it means? it means those premade player get higher climb, they are more chance being punished by another premade team in higher elo and beat other solo players in lower elo to maintain it. This is not fair to other solo players at all.

  2. And regarding the comments you mention, problems will be made if players play solo or premade both, so I assume you should agree to resolve this issue, we should either seperate the elo system of solo and premade or even seperate the queue.

The only slight problem might be that some teams are bigger than 4 people. I.e. you have more than 3 friends lol, then you might be teaming up with people of varying skill levels, so ELO can be a bit all over the place.

Anyway, I don’t think the queue should be split in half, people already complain about long wait times due to ALT+F4. A solo only TG will basically have insanely long queue times since now instead of a team ALT+F4 ing the one map their ban didn’t manage to cover, you’ll have individual players ALT+F4ing a lot more frequently since now they have only one ban…

I’m already waiting 15 minutes to play 1 game, I don’t think this will work with a player base this small.

If you are not enjoying the solo experience form a team. There are a ton of places you can go to find a team near your elo. Reddit, discord, twitch, here, aoenet, aoezone, and the like. Heck ill even play with you. I like the non meta maps but i dont care enough to worry. Unless you are this whiny during the game too. Its just to have fun and your team gets just as many bands as the other team. You just have to think more. Yes premade teams are set up better to so join their level.

I have told you here man, people here are toxic, they will only told you it will make the queue longer (probably it only affects premade queue longer) and never accept any way to make the solo vs premade even fair. Some of them wont even admit this is not fair as well.

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