Please allow us to pause the game on multiplayer!

How do u open door? With ur moms help? Or nobody visit u? Or they should wait under the door?
To loose 1 hour of play because of 15-30 second timeout. - it’s dump.

it’s not CS there u “just died and rest” or Dota there u can hide in the forest and probably no one will notice.
It’s an RTS where u look away for 30 second and all ur villagers are dead
I believed that suggestion should be done by player with any rating.

but listening that nonce, want to ask:
What ur rating?

PS never had problems in aoe2 with 1vs1 or in TGs, opponents can “unpause” always.
PPS i’m 99% sure it was not “gamedesign” decision, but there MP engine can not handle pauses properly.


I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Open the door? Wait under the door? What’s my rating? If you’re trying to be insulting it’s backfiring.

So we’ve gone from 1 minute of pauses to 15-30 seconds. If the difference between winning and losing a 1-hour game is being able to pause for 15 seconds, I don’t know what to say. You must have the brain of an AI where everything is running at 100% perfection and efficiency.

Your opponent being able to un-pause the game entirely defeats the purpose of being able to pause it in the first place. I would always un-pause it and continue playing.

It’s just a game.

Why everyone insulted so easily.
Im just interested how u never been in situation there pause is needed.
And what lvl u are playing, that u can afford be afk for some time.

Starting from late castle age - u are fighting constantly. every second u are microing, etc.
For higher lvl players, 1 minute means 200 commands to ur units. It’s huge.
So, try to hit top 15% at least. To understand, how people are playing on different levels.

Welcome to real world. People are understanding and can wait some time, because “time to search the game + time since start” = a lot of time (~10 min), and it’s dump to waste 10 minute for meaningless win.

PS Never been unpaused in 1vs1. (in aoe2)

We’ll agree to disagree. I don’t want a pause screen during multiplayer because I don’t want to sit there doing nothing due to waiting for someone else. That’s as simple as I can make it for you. My time is valuable to me, maybe yours isn’t.

The game Nortguard has a good pause feature. If someone pauses, they have 30 seconds until anyone can unpause. Within those 30 seconds, only the one that paused can unpause. Each person has 3 pauses i believe, or 2? I don’t remember. But it works amazingly well.
And before you say «30x2x8 is a long time» remember that AOE can add a 20 second pause, and give everyone 1 pause each or something. It’s not a direct answer to what is right, there are many possibilities.
But this game, which can last several hours, should have a pause function. It should. It’s sad that some people are completely unable to play the game due to the length of each map. But! It should be optional to include pause. Ranked matches and tournements should not be able to pause, but games with friends or unranked should have pausing as an option.

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Pauses are fine and should be implemented. I must have over 5,000 hours of Age of Empires multiplayer experience, mostly competitive TGs and I do not recall ever being so pissed off at the feature that I wish it didnt exist.

From mouse batteries dying to unsolicited neighbours at the door, pause has helped me on what would ahve been very stressful situations. Without it some games would have been ruined, for me, my teammates and my opponents.


there can be a limit to how many pauses and auto resume, if someone needs to pee or take care of his child or anything else for 1-2min or a few seconds he should be atleast able to ask the opponent and if you still don’t care and want to keep playing you can resume…

These silly people with families and bodily needs, imagine not wearing a diaper during your games and not having your mom delivering food to your basement. Filthy casuals.

More seriously, at any level, pause works fine in AOE2. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in AOE4. It’s just basic curtsy to allow your opponent to pause for a few moments if he needs to.


On the one hand it is annoying to be paused in the middle of an important battle without warning and, on the other hand, it is necessary that there be a pause because we are not bots (an unforeseen event may arise) and the RTS genre needs it.

My request is clear: Enable a pause request system, that is, for a player to pause it must be authorized by the opponent. If so, there will be a pause of 3-5 min at most that cannot be canceled until the 2 give “start”. In case the opponent does not want to pause, the game will continue.

If you like the proposal, please support the thread. Thank you very much.


The pause feature is very important to me, and I want unlimited pauses in single player games

You can already pause whenever you want in singleplayer at least.

Type GG in chat and resign, like adult people do.

Adults can wait 2 minutes while someone does something they need to real quick.

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I would love to be able to pause custom matches with my friends


Yes, please add the pause and save features!!! Pause being the most important.

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Why not just allow it for custom games but be disabled in ranked? From what I gather that’s really what people want it for is games among friends. You’re not annoying anyone in that case. Unless you have shitty friends that can’t even wait a couple minutes for you.

Saying things like “adults can leave” and “adults can wait” is completely irrelevant to the request to add a pause feature.

If you’re worried about it being abused then make it something everyone has to agree to. Everyone pauses or there is no pause. This will allow friends to pause games and competitive matches to not be pause abused.


Yes pause is definitely needed. Sometimes door rings, or something that need attention can happen. I really dont uınderstand why it is still not available.

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