Please allow us to pause the game on multiplayer!

Really loving the game so far.
I was completely amazed about how much better the game looked compared to the stress test.
One thing I think most of us can agree on though is that we need to be able to pause the game!
Some games may go for over 1h or more, we may need to use the toilet, get an important call, answer the door, etc.
Apart from that, my friends and I had a blast playing that game.


Support, a much needed feature


I agree, starcraft2 has a pause feature. It can be done eventually… hopefully.

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Me and my friend loves to play co-op and we love this game, the only thing we would like to see is a way to pause a multiplayer game. One game takes 2-4 hours, and we dont always have the ability to play 2-4 hours without interuption in our daily life.
The game “Norhtguard” does this in very good way. When someone pauses, a countdown starts. While it is counting down, nobody else are allowed to unpause other than the person who paused. When the countdown is finished, anyone can unpause.
Each player has 3 pauses throughout the game, when they are all used up, it is impossible to pause again. This is to prevent people from greefing with pausing and works very well.
I think i speak for a lot of people when i ask for this.
Other than that, the game is amazing, and you did a very good job developers, but please consider this idea.


I hadn’t tried this yet, but a pause in multiplayer is pretty common in RTS games with some variation of the limitations you mentioned (SC1/2 both support it) so I’m a little surprised it’s not there already.

I have tried several things to go around the game mechanics, because there is not button for it. I tried looking it up, but nobody seems to have found a way.
In singleplayer you only have to press esc, and then it is paused, but not in multiplayer obviously.
I have never played an rts without pausing, so this is a first for mee too.

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Why would this not be supported out of the box? Every age of empires game before age 4 has had this ability. And now with the new patch they don’t include this super simple fix? Its crazy!


it might come as surprise but not everyone can dedicate them self infront of a screen without the need to go afk sometimes
is it possible you add Pause function in multiplayer? (can be canceled by other players if there is a need)

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For custom games this would be fine as people play with friends often in them and so being able to pause when all agree makes sense. I wouldn’t ever want to see it added to ranked/quickmatch games though.

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I wouldn’t play multiplayer if it had this. Pausing is annoying enough in other games. Also a great way to have your flow and concentration broken by someone randomly setting a break.

If you can’t compete/play a full match at the moment, don’t play.

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You can’t expect people to hang around for ages waiting on the match to resume for someone else to pause the game again… Then again… Then again…

A possible solution could be…

If it’s a team game then possibly a Vote between all team members to pause briefly for 1 min and only having one pause per match per team. All team members have to accept or on a 4 player team the majority.

Most games that have this do the following:

  • Limit the number of pauses per player (generally 2, but 1 would probably be fine in most cases).
  • Apply a time limit to the pause (2 minutes from what I recall).
  • Allow anyone to un-pause.

The idea is that if you actually need to pause for something real quick, you don’t need an unlimited pause time and you should let the other player(s) know first so they don’t just un-pause the game while you’re gone.

The only real problems with a pause system are social and they can be heavily mitigated.

None of the previous AOE games had a pause feature, that said I wouldn’t mind one.

What are you talking about??? AoE2 most assuredly has a pause feature, and I would assume that the other AoE games did as well.

Aoe 2 and 3 have pause features!

I don’t see the issue in just not playing if you’re going to be distracted. Getting into a game and having to sit waiting is annoying. Nobody likes getting interrupted.

In one hand I agree, I normally don’t play around certain hours because otherwise I get constant interruption and it’s a pain. But still, pausing is a much needed feature because sometimes games can go over 1h or longer. An important call could come up, you may need to answer the door, etc.
One good solution could be to add a maximum time for pause, let’s say 1min and only allow players 2 or 3 pauses per game!

So in a match with 8 players everyone gets 1min of pauses? Meaning you could potentially sit at a pause screen for almost ten minutes in a match?

1 min doesn’t sound like a lot for an important call.

At some point people have to remember it’s just a game so if you have to go just surrender and play again later.

In all the years I have played aoe3 I have played many 4v4s with friends and ffas and never had all 8 players using pause on the same game.

Depends on the call, its just one of the many examples. You can’t 100% garantes you can sit through a 1h match without need to pausing once.

And you can’t guarantee one of you won’t get disconnected either. No pause, it breaks the flow.

It’s just a game. If you have to go, go. Forcing others to have to wait for you is annoying.