Please, any information for these problems?

Hello to all.
I bought and installed AoE III DE on Steam after playing AoE III for years.
I am writing to know if it is possible to make these changes (or mods):

  1. change the names of civilizations, if so where?
  2. in AoE III I used mods to change the flags of the factions … in AoE III DE I can’t find the “Art” folders where to insert these old mods. Where do I find “art”?
  3. is it possible to make the Malta faction playable? If so, how?
  4. is there a mod to have the flag of Italy?
  • 1: Stringtabley.xml
  • 2: Game/ any
  • 3: civs.xml 0/1
  • 4: italy flag is already in the game files

Thank you, but I bought AoE III DE on Steam. With Steam I can’t find the files you have me indicator in the folders related to AoE III DE.

For example, this is Art folder:

You need to unpack the bar files:

Thank you.
I will try to solve and let you know

If you need more help, its good to check out other peoples work, like the " huangarian civ " mod.
He added new, civ, techs, flags, units, sounds ! It will probably help alot :stuck_out_tongue:

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I changed the flags as I did in AoE III thanks to Resource Manager [2], but I can’t make Malta (or Knights of St John or Morgan Black) playable [3]. I opened civs.xml with “notepad”, but I can’t find the name faction and / or where to change from 0 to 1.
When I make Malta playable, I will put the flag of Italy (which I found) [4] in its place and change the name of Malta to Italy [1].

Check the civs.xml
The civs have a number somewhere wich defines what kind of civ they are.
"It’s more or less like this:
0 = European
1 = Native
2 = SPC Native
3 = Asian
4 = SPC Asian
5 = SPC European

The game code has separate checks for SPC civilizations, since they don’t share all features from their playable counterparts. So, instead of leaving them as hardcoded, I assigned separate civtype IDs for them" - thank you [redacted] for this information

  • Malta = SPCact1