Please "Ban" players who are using bugs to exploit matches in MP!

I have met a guy I reported about two weeks ago, who was using the “Rus” infinite relic bug to win matches.
They really need to face consequences for exploiting matches intentionally.

Thank you!


As much of a pain as it is, you just can’t ban players from using the tools the game gives them. They bought it as it is. They’re not modifying it in any way.

They unfortunatly have the right to play it as they please.

They don’t have a right to ruin other’s games by using game-breaking bugs.
Doing the right thing and being just is the way we need to go.
Those who look to boost their ELO must be punished.
As it is selfish and not the right thing to do.

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Difference between rules and morals ; it might be immoral to exploit those bugs, but they totaly have the right to do so.

As many Game breaking bugs as there have been so far. The ELO will definitely be reset when the game works properly. if they started banning at the moment many thousands of players will be removed. And at the moment u can even end up Cheating unintentionally.

I’m imagining a noob up against viper.

One thing is using the tools the game is giving them. Like player using a S tier civ like mongols where yes they are strong but not unbeatable and their mechanics are clearly intended by the devs and to be used in game.
Another very different thing is abusing exploits which are things that are clearly not intended to be used by the devs, can ruin the game for many people and potentially hurt the game by driving players away from it. This simply show a great lack of integrity and players like this won’t hesitate in continually abusing bugs and exploits if they come in the future or maybe once bugs are fixed they may resort to cheating with external apps because they are already used to the free wins and may think they can get away with it.
Using exploits is pretty much cheating and players like this should at least be given a warning first and if this continues the account should be banned. It won’t hurt the game, in fact it will show they take cheating and abusing exploits very seriously.


Per the Xbox Community guidelines which is on the AOE code of conduct page saying they may take enforcement actions to uphold the values:

“Since competition is best when it’s fair, a level playing field is one of the most important requirements for gaming. When people cheat, use exploits, or otherwise tamper with hardware or software to gain a competitive advantage, it ruins the experience for everyone. Because of this, cheating, tampering, and the use of exploits is never acceptable in the Xbox community. Like, never.”

Thus, use of exploits is a potentially bannable offense.

Not sure if/how much action they will take on this though.