Please ban the steam family library sharing in the multi-modee

Some player who have the experience in dota2 always use steam family library sharing to create a new free accout in order to play the multi-mode.especially for smurf.I know during the recent upgrade patch we have a delay ban for the people who quit the game at the start of game.But it cannot work for smurf.
Please ban the steam family library sharing,at least for multi-mode like CSGO.


sounds like a succinct answer to a new problem. ups for you.

I think we should wait until this is confirmed as a substantial issue before making such a change.
I personally have 2 accounts, not for smurfing purposes (they are similar rating), but to give more balanced matches.
What I mean is that my slightly higher account I play on good days and my lower account I play on bad days. This avoids the larger swings between winning most games on good days and losing most on bad days. It is my hope that this will lead to more even games on both types of days.

It is actually possible to determine the source Steam identity for a family share. If the ELO system could take this information into account for the first several matches, it would make smurfing much more difficult.

I think that this idea of the “family” account is a bit out of control. A lot of players have 4, 5, 6 or 7 accounts and when you play ranked TG a lot of matches are not balanced at all because of this smurfs.
This forces legit players to create a secondary account too and so on.
I think CS GO is a good example. In fact disabling secondary accounts will also clear the ladder where i.e. MBL has several accounts in top 20/30 which is nonsense.

smurfing is a perfectly normal, and to a degree, healthy phenomenon present in ALL games, and if it makes you that unhappy, you should not play Multiplayer games. In low numbers, as long as you don’t go vs a smurf every game, it an experience that is more positive than negative, but in general, losing to a smurf is not a big deal.

MbL explained several times why he has multiple accounts.

Is this something possible to do with Windows store version of the game?

I’m interested in why you see this as a healthy behaviour but you didn’t give any reason for it any other than “a lot of games are like this” which is not good enough reason and even one of the most important multiplayer games like CS GO has stopped this from happening.

I don’t watch MBL stream so i don’t know his reason for it but it was just an example.

Imo the idea of a ranking system is to match equally skilled players and smurfing breaks this concept, as easy as that.

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