PLEASE better/new maps for the ranked pools

Hey guys, the most maps in 1vs1 and Teamgame Mappool are frustrating me. Except of Arabia, Arena, Nomad and Black Forest (and maybe Megarandom), the most Maps we can choose are so trash in my opinion. There are always the same Maps in the Pool we have to ban and sometimes 6 of 7 Maps are so unpopular, but u can’t ban all of them, why? Nobody want to play a Map, he doesn’t like. That’s the reason, why so many people dodging and we have to wait another 5 minutes.

Please give us more options to vote.

There are soooo many beautiful and popular Maps, u can include in the Game.

Let me count some:
Palisade Arena
Chaos Pit
Grand Bara
African Springs
Border Dispute
Arena Island
Fish Beach
Painted Desert
… And much more!

So i would love, that you give us more new, playabale, non-boring or popular maps instead of new Civs <3


Well, you have to start with them adding new maps. Also, don’t expect them to be voted in. Voting’s expanding to the entire playerbase soon, and if you add this in, most of them won’t know what the maps are like, and as such, won’t vote for them.

A lot of these maps are Tournament Maps und known in the Community :slight_smile: When some of the maps are officially integrated into the game they automatically will win popularity

I wouldn’t say automatically, and you might be over-estimating interest.

Although I’m also not a fan of many maps that are regularly included in the voting I gottta say I don’t know a lot of maps that you included in your list (mostly those from second half) and I watch most tournaments so I doubt these are common to the broader player base.

Irrespective from that a lot of tournament maps aren’t even included in the game if you don’t download the respective map packs. So yeah that’s for sure something the devs should work on imo. Of course people disagree about which maps are good or not but I think there are some criteria (maybe not objective but at least justifiable ones) for judging this. In the end, if there’s only 5 to 10 maps to for vote those people who preselect maps need to have some understanding of the game. I don’t want to deny the responsible people possess that, in light of regularly included maps I can’t help but doubt that from time to time.


For me the solution is simple, the developers must release the maps for rated games, but what does it mean to release the maps? It means leaving free choice and cancellation of all the standard maps available in the game, no more voting, this would allow you to cancel most of the maps, but you must have at least 10 of them enabled to play (there are 81 standard maps).
The choice of map by the system would remain random, what would change would be the number of maps you can play to score 1v1 or TG. Suppose you don’t like water maps, or nomads; then you cancel them and leave the rest of the land maps and that’s it.

An additive to the solution I give is that users can see how many players they are looking for on certain maps, that is, below or above the maps you can see the number of people online who have it enabled and therefore seek to score on them. This additive could be like this: suppose that in Arabia the following number can be displayed 290/100 – this would mean that there are 290 players who have the map enabled, and that 100 of them are of the same ELO-

What problems would this bring? the delay in finding games due to lack of players on the maps that are to your liking. In the end you will play the maps that most people play.
Even so, I think this would be better because you have the freedom to choose your favorites and not the ones that the majority wants to play, for example: if I like four lakes and it is not voted for, then I cannot play it in ranked and I have to wait for the majority to vote for him in the future, either in 1v1 or as a team.
There are maps that are liked by many players but, being outnumbered in the votes, they lose access to a map that they enjoy in the game.

Greetings and have a nice day

“Good idea but how about you receive nomad, megarandom and hideout in almost every map pool?”
-Devs probably

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I love how they did in EW. A lots of map and a lots of ban

Not the full community is watching pro tournaments. I would even say a big part don’t watch them at all, so they are still unknown to a large part.

That being said I do like the idea of adding tournament maps to the map pool. I have made my own thread about it in the past. I don’t really worry about the familiarity of maps. Even ■■■■■■ maps like Nile Delta are put into the map pool by the devs so people have to learn them. This can be done with theae maps as well. Just put 1-2 at the time in the map pool as dev pick. Then people get used to them and they might be voted in more often.


I agree with your idea. Aftermath is also put into the map pool and I think time has proved that it is correct way to doing it

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