Please change AOE4 menu

Hello Age of Empires friends :slight_smile:

I find the menu in AOE4 unappealing, uncharitably designed and too dark for my taste. On Discord today, some people didn’t seem to like the menu either.

Here is a picture of the menu:

I would therefore welcome it if it were to be changed from the first season onwards and no longer be like it is now.

For example, I would find a theme very cool like the Chinese paintings from the Season 1 trailer.


I find such a theme much more inviting and there is much more love and uniqueness behind it. A colourful, inviting and artistic menu that fits AOE. That’s how it should be.

For some this might be a detail but the implementation of many details in their entirety still contribute to a good overall picture.

What do you think about it?

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Feel the same, looks bit to plain. The right news box i hardly noctice it.

Most of the news should be on the home page with bit of colour, weekly updates, about the community, aoe4world, tournaments, best new map, best youtube, streamers.


Exactly, it doesn’t look good, but I don’t have any good ideas. Personally speaking, I prefer the menu UI of AOE3, which has high immersion and good sense of participation, an editable home I mean. However, forget it, I known that’s impossible.


Happy to hear that you also think the menu should be redesigned to be more appealing.

At the start for Season 1 it would be very helpful if the menu had already been changed. Then you would have the feeling right at the start of the game that a lot has changed. The first impression counts. Ideally the menu could be colourfully adapted to the current season and never change back to the menu like it is now.

I think the redesign of the menu could also be made by non developers.


I love the current menu and the background. Your example picture is a dislike, sorry, but serious, this isnt really a problem. Let the devs do there job please :wink:


Yeah , im sick og the background menu image , it has been here since the closed beta AND IT SUCKS , I DONT LIKE IT!!!

Seasons should change the background image , no doubt!


I dont agree , seasons are supposed to represent something in the game , just masteries and boring stuff?! Nah bro , that sucks .

Imo the background menu should change with each season .

Their jobs is to mantain and update the game , changing UI elements its also part of the job .

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lets hope your big wish is on the bottom of the list, because there are more important things to do.

Yeah, we need smaller 4 vs 4 maps before that.

But having the menu change would be at least some extra content to look at.

I only agree that this should be a change for Mp , máps are really small compared from aoe2

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I sympathize with the op’s suggestion and observation, however it should be noted that the lack of inviting/artistic/colorful -may I also add creative and attractive- elements, is apparent throughout the game’s design and not just at its main menu. Everything is samey from the menus to the civs themselves. Dull? lame? Characterless? Perhaps, but at least consistent with the rest of the game. I credit them with this consistency. The game is consistently characterless throughout.


It stands to reason that a change to multiplayer map size would make no difference in singleplayer where you have a choice in size.

Anyhow, gotta get some community artists together to make some new menu designs for me to use when mods allow it.

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Yeah i think that all of us can agree that the UI and its elements are boring at this point

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@AridSubset31991 As @marcoracosta205 said changing UI elements is also part of the job. I think designer should also be able to do that. I don’t think this needs lots of developer work.

@marcoracosta205 Happy to hear you feel the same :slight_smile: I actually read and heard it several times that people are unhappy with the theme of the menu. It is really bad. Yes! Seasons are supposed to represent something in the game. Each season should represent something interesting in the game and the background image should change with eatch season.

@Pomknight I think the maps are rather too small than too big. I would suggest make more options for the map size to satisfy all players or just make them smaller for ranked matches.

@UrbanizedGem684 Unfortunately you are right. There should be more unique units per civ. Furthermore units which all civilizations have should look more different. Besides I don’t like that all icons (buildings, units, tech) have the same gold color. It would be better to distinguish between things and it would look more alive and less sterile.

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I hope the menu can be modded so that community can modify it to be what they want.

The Menu UI look OK, but the background looks boring to me… :slight_smile:

I would like to see in the future: the background theme change based on the current event, ex. season 1. if it is implemented… I think the Menu UI Need to be redesigned to accommodate the art theme background so that the UI does not overlap it.

yeah, this is not really urgent but nice to have for the future …

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I like the aesthetic and art direction of the game overall, but there are certainly some issues with the UX. One salient example: when creating a custom game / skirmish, having three different tabs for various settings is bad; all of these should be available in one section without requiring all these excess clicks. Lots of other issues too; win conditions in the top left corner for non-custom games is strange and silly.

this is like an utopic dream… a very nice and beautiful idea… but we are asking this to the `people who cant ban drophackers, or cant even add more maps or color selection or treaty mode or balance changes fast enough to stop losing players… so… it’s such a fine detail that it becomes utopic…

thank you! same opinion

20 character

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modders have discovered treaty mode in the files , and its playable but not implemented , the mod is public though and you can play it when spring update releases.

This topic is an QOL improvement , seasons are meant to represent something right…?