Please change the architecture for Bohemians

Honestly its kinda ridiculous that Bohemians are getting Eastern architecture set just to make them feel more “eastern”. Historically they were a part of the Holy Roman Empire, and their architecture evolved alongside German architecture. There arent any major differences at all between architectural developments in Germany and Czechia.

The central European set (the Teuton set) would make by far the most sense. This set is based off Romanesque architecture, which was very popular in Bohemia from 9th to 13th century. It also uses timber framing, which is very typical of medieval Bohemia. Of course nowadays Bohemia is best known for Gothic and Baroque architecture, but Baroque is out of this games timeline and Gothic is reserved for “western european” set. The eastern set is based off Rus architecture in feudal age and brick Gothic architecture in castle age, neither of which were ulitized in Bohemia at all.

Another point is the Orthodox church, Bohemia didnt even border any orthodox country, its quite ridiculous. Thats whole other can of worms though, because with the release of dukes of the east, 6 civs will use the Orthodox church, while only 2 of those civs (“Slavs” and Bulgarians) were actually Orthodox Christian.

Honestly, this is one of the biggest architectural mistakes in the game, especially when you can just use already existing set.

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You repeatedly post wrong map. It sounds really ignorant. You draw line according the European divison after WW2 and dont respect the actual cultural similarites…

Not to mention you use todays map… If Premysl Otakar II. ruled Bohemia and Austrian lands was he in the east or in the west according to you logic?


No this is just how I define it for a number of reasons

Then I am telling you your definiton is wrong :slight_smile:


This makes barely any sense within todays context, and absolutely no sense within the context of the middle ages.


makes sense geographically, morally, ethnically

Why’d you post this thread again?

geographically not (HRE)
morally definitely not
etnically not clearly (huge mix with Germans)
military definitely not
religiously defnitely not
fashion clearly not
politically not


Czechia is like 95% Czechs lol

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Yes by language yes. But based on DNA Czechs are a mixture, many people have German ancestors or German surnames.

And we speak about todays situation. In middle ages the portion of Germans was much bigger…


This is a funny topic. I know czech and polish people hate to be considered Eastern European for number of reasons. But I think the logic here is mistaken just because the architecture set is named East European. What we should be thinking is not how it is laballed but is it looking reasonable to represent the civ architecture.

The suggested Center European architecture set used to be called Eastern European itself during AoC times before slavs and magyars were added. It is shared not only by the Teutons but also goths, huns and vikings who are not at all that rel;ated to the bohemians.

The whole East vs Central thing is wrong to me because it depends how you compare and devide things. If you ask me to devide Europe to Eastern and Western half I would put Czechia in the East but If you tell me I can include Central Europe inbetween than the country is in Central Europe.

I think Bulgarians and Byzantines may get an architecture set. Also Vikings and Slavs can. Than you can name this set whatever you wish but it only matters if it looks like as it should.

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Czechia was the only West Slavic country to be considered part of West Europe. It should be given the central European architecture. Its not like we are saying give them Western architecture. Culturally and politically they were tied to the HRE.


Your personal opinion about whetever Czechia or Poland are eastern european or not is pretty irrelevant to this discussion. This isnt about architecture naming, this is about the fact that the architectural set for Bohemia is historically plain wrong. Nothing about it makes sense within the context of Bohemian history. What used to be the name of the Central set is irrelevant, it is what Bohemians should use, historically. This isnt a naming problem, this is plain wrong architecture.

Bohemians didnt build out of timber like the Rus did, dont have Russian style roofs, and dont utilize the brick Gothic architecture. Its just wrong. On the other hand, they went through 400 years of Romanesque architecture, which is exactly what the central European set it.And they used timber framing, again, present in central European architecture. This isnt an opinion, its a simple fact. The architecture is wrong and can be changed by simply giving them another already existing set.

Also, Bohemians are obviously very related to Teutons, as they were literally part of the Holy Roman Empire almost since its founding.


Just use a mod or editor. It’s so easy to remedy. No need to moan about it.

Why shouldnt inconsistant and wrong architecture be pointed out? Are we not allowed to critise things that can be changed by mods?

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Well its me who makes the point its not about how the set is called Eastern or Central. All your compatriots claim in must not be the “Eastern” because you are not “Eastern”… If its not looking how it should Im fine. I literally dont care but Im left with the impression most of Czech ppl in the topic just dont want to be related to smth thats called “Eastern European”. Your personal remark is disrespectful and also hints for the same.

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I couldnt care less about what the set it called, as long as the buildings atleast vaguely fit. But now they dont. Its like giving the Medditerenean set to the Vikings. Also I think I explained the reasons in my original post well enough…

Either way we usually dislike being associated with eastern Europe, and while today the term is somewhat open to interpretation, during the middle ages, Bohemia was without a doubt part of the “western” Europe during the middle ages. You can see this being reflected in art, culture, literature, diplomacy, religions and pretty much everything else.


It is NO WAY as wrong an architecture set as Huns using Central European architecture or Mongols using Japanese architecture (which is what the “East Asian” set is). No need to be dramatic about your little grievance.

I am just voicing my opinion. Either way, the big difference is that Goths and Mongols do not have better fitting architectural sets right now. With Bohemians, you dont need to create new ones. Just use the existing one.

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