Please change the Assyrian architecture

Ok, I have seen from the previews that the Assyrians are still using the Egyptian architecture that they were incorrectly switched to from AoE1DE’s release.

I know the devs poke their heads in here, so if you are watching, please change them back to the Mesopotamian set that they had in original AoE1.

We have remains of this civilisation’s buildings in real life, and know what they look like, and it’s not Egyptian.


Then egypt will be all alone in their building set.

They always had the Egyptian set in AOE…


Sumerian as well

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Yes and?
Having uneven numbers per architecture set is not really an issue.
Civilisations having completely wrong architect is.
Assyrians is right next to Babylon, their architecture should be the same.


Then why does macedonians have roman buildings and not greek? Aoe dosent care about historically accurate buildings from the start,heck they even share wonders.

They were somehow too obsessed with having similar numbers of civilisations per architecture set back when they originally made the game.

That kinda happens with the people here too, often the number of civilisations in an architecture set used as an argument for or against a certain civilisation.


Now that the Mesopotamian architecture includes gates with lamassus on them, for Assyrians I feel like this is even worse than it was in AoE1. Personally, I would balance things a bit by giving Hittytes the Egyptian architecture – neither set is accurate in their case anyway.


And? That is irrelevant.

“Indians” had their own architecture for ages and nobody said anything. If we want more use of the Egyptian set, then the Nubians and Numidians should be added, not giving it to thoroughly incorrect civilisations.

Honestly this is even worse with the Sumerians, as they now have a campaign which not only describes it being set in Mesopotamia…but also uses Lamassus as the icon for each level!


Never knew there are pyramids in morocco.

For some reason the wonders are not unique. I don’t recall Palmyrans building colosseums either.

Anyway, my point is that if the devs want more use out of the Egyptian set, add more civs that use it. Assyrians & Sumerians did not build in this style.

I know it seems picky, but AoE1 has much less to tell each civ apart than AoE2, and incorrect architecture just strips civs of so much of their personality.


There are plenty of building mismatches like that,if things are going to get corrected all should be done not just these 2.

Correct. But these are the ones I personally know the best. So I am going to bring them up.

In the AOE2DE scenario editor you can set architecture sets to civs different from their original ones. This Sumerian/Assyrian campaigns could be remedied this way.

Then why not just set them to their correct ones in the first place?

h and it seems the ######## use the Egyptian set too now…great.

That’s ok, they are not Mesopotamian.
Sumerians and Assyrians absolutely are.
Assyrians and Babylonians are very similar in almost all ways, it’s absurd that they have different architecture sets.

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If an Israelite/Hebrew civ is ever added, I could see them using the Egyptian style, as it is the closest thing to generic Middle Eastern architecture, and they also have a historic association with the Egyptians if you believe the Bible (though this is of course disputed nowadays).


Yeah I know it does not fit them, but nothing does in-game, it just feels like the Mesopotamian set is being side-lined.

If the (Anatolian civ that gets blocked) were changed, then perhaps the Sumerians got changed to Mesopotamian…?

Still utterly bizarre that Assyrians have a different architecture to Babylonians. They are geographically and culturally so close to each other.

I also withdraw my complaint about Sumerians. It seems they have been fixed.


I was just telling my mom about this blatant error this morning. Glad it’s fixed.