Please change the Assyrian architecture

Which makes the extend of the Palmyrene Empire irrelevant.

Now, from the ruins of Palmyra, the greco-roman influence is clear. Do we have examples of palmyrene architecture predating Alexander ?

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Depends. They might make a DLC covering South Asia, Western Europe or Central Asia. Which would all need new ones. They have shown that they are happy to add to AoE1’s roster with RoR.

Also to add to the whole confusion with Assyrians architecture. Their symbol on the back of the display during gameplay is a Lamassu. You know…the thing that they built tons of statues of and is on the gates of the Mesopotamian architecture.


I could see the Nanda, Mauryans, and Guptas being the Indian civs they go with.

Yeah, the Palmyrene Empire was such a crazy period in their history lol

Not sure, but being situated in a desert, I would imagine them using similar materials to Egyptians

Guys, I have mixed feelings about the Sumerians having their set changed… yes, I’ve supported the idea before, but then having looked more into it…

Sumerians have built almost exclusively from mudbrick, and weren’t particularly known for the blue decorations of the current Bronze Age Mesopotamian set (Sumer was gone before Iron Age).

It also doesn’t help, that the DE’s remastered graphics made the Mesopotamian set more distinctly Babylonian-looking than in the CD version, where it actually looked more vaguely Mesopotamian (huh) and thus more acceptable for Sumerians (especially the ziggurat wonder). I guess that the FE’s artists back in 2017 misread the set’s name as Babylonian, as that’s a common name for it in the community, and modelled it accordingly, cuz the buildings are too blue now (which is fine for the Babylonians civ).

I’m afraid, that giving them the Mesopotamian set would look just as wrong as the Egyptian one…

In other words, I guess either is fine…

Some pics:

But, some of us might also say that an assigning of a civ to a set isn’t defined only visually, but also culturally?

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Urartu was not ancient Greek.

Okay, but Armenia of late antiquity had Greek architecture, so it still seems somewhat fitting.

Made a post proposing a different architecture arrangement.


African Aegean Mesopotamian East Asian Roman
Egyptians Minoans Sumerians Shang Romans
Phoenicians Greeks Hattusa civ Choson Palmyrans
Carthagians Macedonians Assyrians Yamato
Babylonians Lac Viet
  • Allow a group to have only 2 member civs, as AoE2 had since The Conquerors;
  • Break up the expansion-created Roman group, which only hangs on as a “grandfathered” feature now;
  • Move Phoenicians and Carthagians to the Egyptian group.


  • Despite the Phoenicians’ close contact with Egypt and Carthage’s North African location, they ultimately deserve their own building set, while a Nubian civ would accompany Egyptians better;
  • The Palmyran civ still has to play the combined roles of Palmyra culture, the Palmyrene empire, the Mithridatic Kingdom of Pontus, and Numidians (these are all represented by its leader list). No building set could hope to fit all that in.

Carthage had more like hellenistic architecture than egyptian.

Let’s call the Egyptian set a “holding pen” for Phoenicia and Carthage, in lieu of a proper Phoenician building set. That’s at least a more fitting holding pen than for Sumer, Assyria or Hattusa, and IMO better than tearing the two apart.

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Hattusa would fit better alongside either Greeks or Egyptians

And I avtually like Carthage with Roman archotecture. You could consider Egyptian architecture to be the “bronze age Levant architecture”

The Hattusan civ really had a cool architecture all its own. Honestly whats needed is more civs with some new architecture.

Mitanni to go with an Anatolian style. Maybe the Arzawa?

And a bunch of Nile adjacent civs: Nubians, Axumites, Libyans…. Hyksos?

More Phoenician neighbors: Philistines, Canaanites and Israelites fill the area.

And some Carthage neighbors too. Numidians come to mind as do Mauritanians and Berbers if you see them as different enough from both.

Persians with their own set shared with the likes of Scythia, Sarmatians and possibly Parthians if they’re different enough

Move both then.

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