PLEASE change the default gamma setting!

this is how the NIGTH MOOD looks with the default gamma settings that EVERYONE has that was recently added, all NEW players (and most of the players who haven’t touched gamma settings) willl have the game look like this

Now this is how it looks with gamma lowered,

Now I know people should choose how they want the game to look, but i feel the current default gama setting every player gets is misleading and horrible ,for example that color mood above is called nigth mood, not MOODY cloudy mood


here is a comparison with the default color mood
with current default gamma

And without it

I don’t get what you are saying, the current defaut gamma is fine for people without that mod, the second picture on the second post looks awful in my opinion, but if you like it that way then great! you can change it, also it depends on the settings on your monitor

it’s not a mod, its a new color mood that was added

it is there for a reason, it’s called nigth mood, not moody cloudy mood,

take a look again and tell me which one looks better for what it is suppose to be**, nigth mood**

Oh my bad, there was a mod that did something similar recently.
Then I kinda agree with you, but I disagree what they should change, imo they should change the mood to look better with the default gamma, not the default gamma (because then every other mood would look bad)
Also I think there should be a way to tone down the moods without disabling them, I personally find them really distracting and foggy, but I kinda wish I could have a less extreme version of them enabled

I agree but i think that would be harder for the devs, it’s just annoying that i want to make an scenario that is set on nigth with a dark atmosphere, but then other players have this ugly white cloudy visual that ruins the inmersion

Yeah, still, now that I look at the images more clearly the one below looks way too dark, like borderline unplayable, you might want to check your monitor, maybe you have the brightness too high on your end

Certainly each to their own. I prefer the mode you don’t like. To me the other is too dark, and for me is actually less “immersive”.

let me ask you this

does this look like a nigth mood to you?
because that is what the mood is suppose to represent, not cloudy

No offense but if you think the picture below looks more realistic and “inmersive” then i got a feeling you are trolling man, remember the color mood is called nigth mood, not cloudy mood.

which one resembles more this? more like actual night feeling

This is NOT about which one looks better and brigther for you, or more inmersive
its about the one that resembles a NIGTH MOOD! not a CLOUDY MOOD!, if you would like a cloudy white mood like it does with gamma, then request one, but currently how it looks with the default gamma is not ok,

I also had a lot of players tell me “why does it look like this? why is it so foggy?”
the players should be able to tell its nigth mood, not foggy cloudy mood