Please, change the Lakota flag!

I do not like the current Lakota flag! And it’s censored!!! Why did you choose this flag, if it is not even in Google! Please change to old flag or right! I hope that the Lakota tribe will support me with likes.


Yes! We didn’t use flags at the time, but I fully support using my tribe’s flag. It is a well-designed and easily recognizable flag that would fit into the game excellently.

(If the devs wanted, and I don’t think this would be insulting to our people, you could change the number of tipis to 7 rather than 9. The 9 tipis on the Oglala flag represent the 9 districts of the Pine Ridge Reservation, and this sample you provided of the flag is missing the blue outline that represents Wakhan Tanka, the Great Spirit. Blue is the color of the motion of the universe, and a sacred color.)

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(To be clear, changing the number of tipis from 9 to 7 would be because of the seven tribes of the Lakota - the Mniconjou, Oohenumpa, Oglala, Sihasapa, Hunkpapa, Sicangu, and Itazipco. And please remember to include the blue outline around the flag.)

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Well, the old flag is really existed? Or is it invented by artists? I like it too for its design. But only not the bison!

As far as I’m aware, we’ve never used flags. Being moved onto reservations is the first time we created a flag, and it was pretty much the modern ones we have.

Pretty sure the devs created the in-game flags themselves.

Here’s the proper Oglala flag, btw.

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Yes, very beautiful with a blue outline!!!

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