Please change the map pool

Most maps are irrelevant in 1v1. Arabia is a great map to learn the game, Arena has its own playlist even if i dislike it is still interesting, gold rush is an interesting map even if the map generation can really **** you up. The rest is garbage for 1v1. BF is not interesting at all, you don’t learn anything winning or losing matches on this map, TI is unfair as one of the player gets way more wood than the other (or a thiner map which makes ship harassing way more powerfull) and if the players are the same level you have a 2h game. Nomad is way too unfair, steppe is mongols only and megarandom does not have its place in a competitive map pool. Most of these maps are interesting in Tgs but in 1v1 ? Come on.
At least give us a separated map pool for TGs and 1v1s. the NAC map pool was really good for exemple.
You don’t learn the game playing stupid maps cmon microsoft. And on top of that the game is broken, pathfinding is still a joke, performance issues, and I could continue like this for at least 20 more lines.

Change it thanks

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